UK: Trans-Identified Male Railed Against “Bigoted” Rosie Duffield, “Transphobic” JK Rowling Just Before He Was Convicted Of Rape

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A trans-identified male recently convicted of raping a woman was a vocal “anti-TERF” activist who targeted women critical of gender ideology. Lexi Secker, also known as Lexi Bowen, was “tried as a woman” for the horrific crime.

Once known as Alexander, the assault is said to have taken place in Blunsdon, Wiltshire, in April of 2021. While details are extremely limited, it is known that Secker began identifying as woman in the period between the assault and his court hearings.

In a statement on the arrest, Wiltshire Police referred to Secker as a “person convicted of rape,” adding that he was recorded as a male by police but “tried as a woman” in court. Media subsequently utilized “she/her” pronouns to refer to Secker, with most outlets referring to him as a “transgender woman.”

As previously reported by Reduxx, prior to his transition Secker had been known as an “award-winning filmmaker” and a father of two. Secker had also been a Creative Media Practitioner at Digital Writes – a registered charity which receives funding from the UK Arts Council and describes itself as “enriching creative experiences” for youth.

Secker has directed 10 films, most of which were in the horror genre. One of his most recent releases, Follow the Crows (2018), was funded in part using an Indigogo campaign. The year prior, Secker had won a People’s Choice Award at the Swindon Fringe Festival for his debut stage play, a political thriller called The Door.

But alternative social media profiles belonging to Secker have now been uncovered, demonstrating that he was a rabid activist who targeted women critical of gender ideology.

Secker appears to have adopted the name “Lexi Bowen” following his transition with the intention of launching his career as a film critic and YouTuber.

He uploaded his first “video essay” in April of 2023 in which he discussed the iconic Hitchcock thriller Psycho. Confusingly, the video begins with clips of Harry Potter author JK Rowling giving a speech on artistic freedom. Secker goes on to sarcastically praise Rowling, highlighting her successes, before abruptly stating: “Anyway, let’s talk abut Psycho.”

Secker goes on to largely condemn the film, accusing it of having a “problematic legacy” and paving the way for “trans-coded killers in movies.”

Many of Secker’s video essays were centered around condemning classic horror films which played on the tropes of crossdressing villains. One of his other uploads focused on The Silence of the Lambs, slamming it as having a transphobic legacy.

Alexander “Lexi” Secker before and after he began identifying as a “woman.”

“In recent years, people have started to acknowledge the harm it has done to the transgender community … Regardless of where you sit on the issue of the ‘legitimacy’ of their transness, Buffalo Bill is a trans character and that creates an issue,” Secker says in the video. “And as a transgender woman I can confirm that the film had a negative impact on me and who I am.”

Secker was also prolific on Medium, where he described himself as a “trans girl horror fan.” His last post was made on June 9, just one month before he would be convicted of rape.

Titled “Rosie Duffield is a transphobic bigot,” in which he condemned both the Labour MP and TV writer Graham Linehan.

“In 2023, Duffield liked a tweet from the transphobic abuser and former comedy writer Graham Linehan that appeared to include Holocaust revisionism, denying that trans people and gay people were targets of the Nazis,” Secker wrote. “She also appeared on Linehan’s podcast and claimed, falsely, that trans children were being allowed to ‘cut your body parts off and render them completely infertile.’”

Secker also claims that “even Duffield’s own constituents have had issues with her brazen transphobic bigotry,” concluding his piece by stating: “Rosie Duffield is a hateful bigot who makes false claims about gender-affirming surgery, gleefully insults trans people as a “joke,” ignores historical facts about the Holocaust, and constantly paints trans women as predators, and I don’t think anyone should be standing up for that.”

In April of 2024, Secker published a post titled “Blow it out your Cass,” in which he smeared Dr. Hillary Cass, the leading researcher behind a controversial NHS-commissioned review of the gender identity services for minors in the UK.

“Is Dr. Hilary Cass a TERF? I don’t know. I don’t really care. In fact, it doesn’t really matter. The simple truth is that, regardless of her views on trans people, I don’t have a particularly high opinion of the woman, and she seems to be determined to ensure that it keeps plummeting,” Secker wrote.

Secker seemed to have a particular animus towards those who wanted to end the medical transitioning of minors, accusing those opposed as having “blood” on their hands.

“What we need to understand is that while they may claim they’re protecting women and girls, while they may clutch their pearls and scream about how someone needs to think of the children, while they might use words like ‘mutilation’ and ‘brainwashing’ and ‘irreparable harm’, absolutely none of it, not a single letter, means anything close to what they really want. For the cult of the gender-critical, the only acceptable result is the complete and total eradication of trans people,” Secker wrote in March.

On X, formerly Twitter, Secker has multiple viral posts in which he condemns women critical of gender ideology. One such post, which racked up over 5,000 ‘likes,’ was made on May 14, in which Secker speculated that “Rowling has pushed her hate too far.”

In another post, made on June 14, Secker expressed his delight at the announcement of a police investigation into Maya Forstater, the co-founder of Sex Matters, for her comments on single-sex medical care. He similarly described Kellie-Jay Keen as a “nazi.”

In March, Secker claimed to have been invited on GB News for one such political post on social media – an offer he appears to have declined. Prior to transitioning, Secker had also been a regular guest on BBC Wiltshire.

But amongst the most consistent themes in Secker’s X timeline is his hatred for JK Rowling. A cursory search of his X account shows he has made hundreds of posts about or towards Rowling since the creation of his account in June of 2022. Secker labeled Rowling a holocaust denier, Nazi, fascist, and transphobe, even going so far as to condemn her for advocating for single-sex rape crisis shelters.

The theme is replicated on his Medium, where several of his lengthy posts are dedicated to condemning Rowling.

In one entry to his Medium, Bowen even suggested Rowling and other women with similar concerns about gender ideology were directly responsible for the death of Brianna Ghey – a transgender teenager who was murdered by other teens in Cheshire, UK.

“So, yeah… I’m fucking angry. I’m so fucking angry. And, frankly, I’ve had enough of pretending like I’m not. We cannot, nay, will not let this happen again. What is their justifcation? What reason do they have that explains why their cruscade of anti-trans hate was worth the life of a young girl. Explain yourselves,” Secker wrote, in a screed that insisted Ghey’s death was the result of transphobia when no such evidence exists.

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