The Truth About “Former President Trump”

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A while ago, I started picking up on something….

Before they called him “Convicted Felon Donald Trump” the Legacy Media and even some in the so-called Alternative/Independent Media constantly referred to Donald Trump only as “Ex President Trump” or “Former President Trump.”

Even the guys over at TrendingPolitics who generally do great work have fallen into the trap of calling him “Former President Trump”:

Come on fellas!

Don’t go all MSM on me!

From the first time I heard it, I found the term very strange.

My whole life I always remember Presidents being called “President ____” their entire lives, even when out of office.

As a young child, I recall asking people why that is, and the answer I remember being told is that it is out of respect for the office.

Once President, always President — at least in terms of the honor of the office.

And that’s how I’ve always remembered it my entire life….at least until Donald Trump came around and left office in 2020.

Suddenly, he was ONLY to be referred to as “Former President Trump”.

It struck me as so very strange, but so much so that I actually started to question if I had just been remembering things wrong.

You know, like my own personal little Mandela Effect.

Maybe we always called them “Former Presidents” and I just remembered it all wrong.

So I finally decided to go back and check for myself.

Turns out I wasn’t wrong at all.

Turns out in every instance I could find, even when they had been out of office for many years or even decades, it was always still “President”.

President Bush.

President Obama.

President Carter.

President Clinton.

So I decided to make a little montage video to show you what I mean:

Backup here:

So there you go!

I am not remembering things wrong….

I’m not having a Mandela Effect moment….

It’s simply true.

All other Presidents retain the title of President, while Donald Trump is only allowed to be called “Former President Trump” and now of course “Convicted Felon Trump”.

So the next time you hear someone call him “Former President Trump” take a moment to kindly correct them and educate them on the historic use of the title President.  You can even send them this article if you like!

President Trump deserves our honor and respect and he will ALWAYS have it from this website as long as I’m sitting in this chair.


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