Heiress To Disney Family Fortune Issues Warning To Democrats

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Abigail Disney, an heiress to the Disney family fortune, said she will withhold donations to the Democratic Party until Joe Biden withdraws from the presidential election.

“I intend to stop any contributions to the party unless and until they replace Biden at the top of the ticket. This is realism, not disrespect. Biden is a good man and has served his country admirably, but the stakes are far too high,” Abigail Disney told CNBC.

“If Biden does not step down the Democrats will lose. Of that I am absolutely certain. The consequences for the loss will be genuinely dire,” she added.

Biden said he has no plans to drop out of the presidential race.

“She joins some wealthy Democratic donors who say they will stop giving until Biden is off the ticket post the debate,” CNBC political finance reporter Brian Schwartz said.


Abigail Disney has been a longtime supporter of Democrats. She gave $50,000 to the Jane Fonda Climate political action committee in April, according to a Federal Election Commission filing. The PAC has given $35,000 to Democrats running for congressional seats, according to data from OpenSecrets.

Disney gave $150,000 in 2014 to Planned Parenthood Votes, a PAC affiliated with the health care nonprofit, according to OpenSecrets. That PAC this election cycle has spent over $400,000 supporting Democrats, including $26,000 for Biden.

Disney pointed to Vice President Kamala Harris as a solid alternative to Biden, arguing she’d be able to defeat Trump.

“We have an excellent Vice President. If Democrats would tolerate any of her perceived shortcomings even one tenth as much as they have tolerated Biden’s (and let’s not kid ourselves about where race and gender figure in that inequity) and if Democrats can find a way to stop quibbling and rally around her, we can win this election by a lot,” Disney said.

And she’s not the only one pausing gifts until Biden steps down. Gideon Stein, the president of the Moriah Fund, said he’s decided to pause planned donations of $3.5 million, earmarked for nonprofits and political organizations aligned with the presidential race.

Abigail Disney is the granddaughter of Roy O. Disney, who co-founded The Walt Disney Company with his brother (Abigail’s grand uncle), Walt Disney.

The announcement follows multiple House Democrats publicly calling on Joe Biden to step aside.

Another House Democrat Calls On Joe Biden To Step Aside

From The Hill:

The campaign has acknowledged that it was a bad showing but pushed back on calls that he should drop out, arguing his record over the last three-and-a-half years outweighs his performance in a 90-minute debate.

“We understand it was a bad night. It is not uncommon for incumbents to have a bad night on their first debate. And we are going to continue to do the work that we have been doing on behalf of the American people,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said during a Tuesday press briefing.

The Democratic Party has largely stood behind its leader, but in recent days some have splintered off.

Three House Democrats have called for Biden to step aside since Tuesday. Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) told Boston-area radio station WBUR Thursday that Biden should drop out and “let new leaders rise up.”

Some Democrats have been weighing whether Vice President Harris would be a stronger candidate than Biden in the November election, a sentiment Disney echoed in her statement to CNBC.

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