UK: Trans-Identified Male Found Guilty Of Rape Claimed To Have Been Regular BBC Guest

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A trans-identified male has been found guilty of rape after sexually attacking a woman during a night out. Lexi Secker, previously known as Alexander Secker, was said to have committed the crime when he was “living as a man.”

The assault is said to have taken place in Blunsdon, Wiltshire, in April of 2023. While details are extremely limited, it is known that Secker began identifying as woman in the period between the assault and his court hearings.

But in a statement on the arrest, Wiltshire Police referred to Secker as a “person convicted of rape,” adding that he was recorded as a male by police but “tried as a woman” in court.

In subsequent coverage by the BBC, feminine pronouns were used for Secker. A photo of the criminal was noticeably absent from reports on the conviction, which had sparse details on the incident beyond noting he had been remanded into custody awaiting sentencing.

But while Secker was “tried as a woman” and referred to only by his “preferred” name in news reports, he appears to have gone before the court without having completed any legal “gender” change at all.

In a publicly accessible database of court records, Secker appears under the name “Alexander.” This would indicate British media outlets chose to utilize the name he preferred, one which may have obscured his identity from other potential victims, rather than report on him accurately.

Under his legal name, Secker has a lengthy digital footprint revealing he has fathered two children and worked with a registered charity.

According to his profile on Creative Pool, Secker had been a Creative Media Practitioner at Digital Writes – a registered charity which receives funding from the UK Arts Council and describes itself as “enriching creative experiences” for youth.

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, Digital Writes received a substantial COVID Emergency Response Grant and boasted that it enabled them to hire Secker. On a page dedicated to discussing the impact of the grant on Digital Writes, the organization stated that it “meant we could offer employment to a local creative media practitioner, Alex Secker.”

Secker is quoted as saying: “This has been amazing for me, being able to earn a living for me and my family, doing the work I love.”

Describing himself as an “award-winning filmmaker with two feature films widely distributed,” Secker has directed 10 films, most of which were in the horror genre. One of his most recent releases, Follow the Crows (2018), was funded in part using an Indigogo campaign. The year prior, Secker had won a People’s Choice Award at the Swindon Fringe Festival for his debut stage play, a political thriller called The Door.

Reduxx has also found a defunct blog belonging to Secker in which he claimed he appeared “regularly” on BBC Wiltshire to discuss films.

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