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A few days ago, I published a look back at the 2020 Election and all the “election fraud” that may or may not have been captured at the time.

One of the leading experts in that work was Jovan Pulitzer, and I re-ran this report to remind people just how much evidence we have already gathered and confirmed:

FLASHBACK: Jovan Pulitzer: It’s Not the ‘Watermarks’ on the Ballots – It’s Better!

I met Jovan in person last year at an event we were both at, and he's truly one of the best people to chat with.

We had an absolute blast chatting about all things politics and really digging into the mechanics of the 2020 Steal....often chatting for 2+ hours in between sessions of the event we were attending.

I told him we needed to have that same chat live on my show and life got in the way and we never made it happen...until now.

When he saw me run that article above, he reached out and we finally connected to do this chat live on my show!

And I am SO EXCITED to show it to you!

We went for almost 3 hours and I was absolutely fascinated all the way through.  The time flew by!

I have multiple pages of notes, but here are some highlights:

We talked about his Christmas 2023 visit to Mar-a-Lago and his meeting with President Trump in his secret back office.

People, Paper, Programs -- he explains what this means in the interview.

We talked about the results of his Arizona audit (440,000 discrepancies out of 2,000,000 votes, and 70/30 of those swinging to Biden!)

Voter Fraud vs. Election Fraud

Is it "watermarks" or something much more?

20 different factors!

The "stochastic pixel"

We spent a lot of time talking about Jovan's incredible inventions and patents (you have no idea all this man has done!)

And a ton more!

We also talked about his two books, which I will put links for down below.

I then asked him the million dollar question: if they stole it in 2020, what will stop them from stealing it again in 2024?

The answer is something every single patriot needs to hear right now.

At the end, we did a rapid fire set of questions where I asked him "White hat or Black hat".....


Elon Musk

Kash Patel

Kari Lake

General Flynn

And many more.....

He answered almost all of them, with a few surprises!

Only a few he didn't answer if he didn't have enough personal interactions on which to base an opinion.

I think you're really going to love this.

Please enjoy:

Backup on Twitter here if needed:

Full video player:

And here are the links you need:

⭐ Countdown to Chaos (Paperback):

⭐ Food Forest Bible (Paperback):

⭐ Food Forest Bible (Hardcover):

🔥 Follow Jovan Pulitzer on Rumble:

It was a real blast and I hope everyone will help me share this far and wide....we all need to jump in and help before the November 2024 election.  It's our only chance.

We plan to do another show in a few months and this time talk about the Invention Secrecy Act of 1952 and how much technology the government is currently hiding from us.

Spoiler alert: it's a lot!

Thanks for watching!

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