The Lung Study: “As Much Damage As Smoking A Pack A Day For 20 Years!”

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Hey folks!

Noah here with something pretty crazy to show you.

This is some actual science, not the “Fauci Science” which I like to call “Scientism”.

No, this is real science and it’s really important that you all see it.


Because I have a feeling that most of you — or someone in your household — cleans your shower, am I right?

Cleans your bathroom?

At least I hope you do, otherwise I am scared for what condition your house is in!

But here’s the deal…

Have you ever sprayed those brand name cleaners from the store and found it almost hard to breath afterwards as you try and finish cleaning the shower?

That should tell you something.

It’s bad for you but until recently we didn’t know how bad.

According to a study called “Cleaning at Home and at Work in Relation to Lung Function Decline and Airway  Obstruction,” American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, February 16, 2018, here’s what was found:

Full study can be found here:

Here’s the summary from that link:

Crazy right?

It’s become so famous it’s now called the “Lung Study” and you can read the full report at the link above from the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.


But for the visual learners out there, let me show you a video.

Watch this, it’s only two minutes but it perfectly shows what’s going on.

There are two mason jars and chlorine test strips are taped to the top.

Cleaner is then sprayed in and the jars are closed.

Two minutes pass and the results are painfully clear.


If you have any trouble getting that to play, here is a backup on Rumble:

Crazy right?

So you’re probably asking what is the bottle on the left and how do I get some of that?

I got you covered.

Here’s the cool thing…

I’ve been talking a lot about my new Mission that I launched in February and this is just one small part of it.

I love this Mission so much because it is 1⃣ focused on TRUE wellness and 2⃣ American-made, ran by patriots who are building the Parallel Economy we desperately need!

So that means no damage to your lungs.

No toxic chemicals.

In fact, it’s so safe that you could technically EAT it!

That’s right, check this out:

Free from poison food that is killing you…and your kids….

Free from Big Companies who hate you….

Free from toxic Aspartame

Free from Flouride

Free from antibiotics and mRNA in your Beef…

Free from the coming Lab Grown Beef that’s showing up on your grocery store shelves NOW!

Any of that sound good to you?

Here’s the other part I have to tell you…

You know the Lung Study I showed you up above?

The company I’m partnering with on this new Mission had no idea they were even doing it!

They didn’t commission it…

They just found out about it after the fact, and since their mission is to simply make SAFE and QUALITY wellness products, of course they came out as the shining star of the study.

How cool is that?

Oh, and because this company has that mission they have never once paid a SINGLE DOLLAR in a product liability claim.

Not one!

Meanwhile, just a few months ago, Johnson & Johnson had a $9 billion settlement, remember that?

Which one do YOU want?

The second part of this that I love is it also means creating our own parallel economy and saving this Country from people hell-bent on destroying it!

Because pretty soon, if we don’t succeed, they are going to literally “delete” you.

Think being thrown in “Facebook Jail” is bad?

I bet we’ve all been there.

The 24 ban.

The 7 day ban.

The 30 day ban.

The permanent deletion.

I’ve experienced them all.

In fact, I once had a community of 1.5 MILLION people on Facebook, probably including much of you, in my WeLoveTrump community.  

I did nothing wrong of course, but one day Mark Zuckerberg decided he didn’t think we should exist….and POOF: I was gone.


Wiped out.

That’s bad, but here’s what’s coming next if we don’t build the Parallel Economy.

Next time, instead of just getting thrown in Facebook Jail, you’ll be banned from the grocery store, not even allowed to go in — just like I was no longer allowed to log on to Facebook.

Or…they’ll let you in to the store only to have all of your credit cards shut off by the banks.

That’s coming folks, and it’s just right around the corner.

Which is why I’m on my new mission.

To fight back with our dollars…

To support companies that are Made In America and actually LIKE Americans!




And happy to do business with Conservatives!

It’s absurd we even have to build this “Parallel Economy”….but we do.

After credit card processors, online stores, retail stores (like Bed. Bath & Beyond) and so many other places have CANCELLED conservatives just because they don’t like us, it’s become abundantly clear that we have to create a PARALLEL Economy if we want to survive.

I always figured I might have to do it all by myself starting from scratch, and then to my shock I found a company already doing it!

Not only that, but they’ve been doing it for over 35 years!

They’re American made, American manufactured, American warehouses, and American shipped.

In fact, their founder was placed on Barack Obama’s “Most Dangerous Conservatives” list.

Once I found out those details, I knew I’d found the right place!

So….why haven’t you heard of them?

Because they do ZERO advertising.

They stay off the radar.

Everything is personal invitations only.

That’s how they keep out the bad actors.

But now that I’m working with them, I can get you in….and we can change the world together!

I can’t promise you you’re get a call immediately, but I can promise to get you in the queue!

In fact, since starting this mission in February, I’ve connected with over 70,000 people who have raised their hand and said they want to get in!


So many people responding and saying they want to join us on that mission.

And I love it!

The only problem is I have a small team and after my post last night we are totally overwhelmed!

I warned you all this may happen….

I kind of expected it….

And it is AWESOME!

But it just means we may be a little slower to get back to you with your personal “white glove” concierge reply!

We will get there, we just have a huge backlog!

So please bear with me, ok?

When I started this website back in 2015 I started it because I was on a mission…

I wanted to get the truth out to as many people as possible.

The truth that wasn’t being covered anywhere else.

I started with literally 0.

Zero experience…

Zero money…

Zero backers…

Zero readers…

Zero of any of you!

Along the way, we’ve built a massive community of people who love America and want to see our country become great again.

We now average between 4 and 6 million readers EACH MONTH!

And we’re growing again, pretty quickly.

More importantly, the MISSION is growing!

But we’ve also faced major opposition.

Oh it hasn’t been easy by any stretch of the imagination.

We were DELETED from Facebook after having 1.5 million people Follow and Love our Page!

Just poof….one day, gone!

We’ve been censored on almost every platform out there, emails sent to Junk or just “disappeared” despite people signing up over and over.

Speaking of email, we’ve had two email companies ban us because they went Far-Left.

So it hasn’t always been easy…

But we’re on a MISSION and mission always wins out in the end.

And today I want to tell you about an expansion of that mission.

From Day 1, our mission has been about getting the truth out to as many people as we possibly can.

But after being deleted, banned and censored by almost everyone out there, I realized pretty quick that we need a Parallel Economy!

We need to stop sending our dollars to the corporations that hate us and want to see us gone!

Remember the Georgia Guidestones?

They literally told us they wanted to reduce us from 8 billion people on the Earth down to only 500 million.

No big deal, right?

Just an elimination of 94% of all people living right now.

And yet we continue to shop at their big stores and send them our money, because until now we’ve had little choice.

Well, today that changes.

And today my mission EXPANDS…

And I’m SO excited!

Allow me to introduce you to the solution.

It’s time to “Make The Switch” and change where you send your dollars each month.

What if I told you instead of sending your money to Jeff Bezos and Costco and Walmart, you could shop at the LAST pro-America, freedom-loving, American designer, manufacturer and shipper of all the stuff you buy each month!

Oh, and what if I told you the products are BETTER and often CHEAPER?

Yes, for real.

And what if I told you this is the best kept secret you’ve never heard of before, but that this company has been doing this for the last 37 years?

And their founder was once placed on Barack Hussein Obama’s list of the Top 10 most “Dangerous Conservatives” in America?

(a list I one day hope to make myself!)

All of that is real and I’m so excited to tell you about it and I hope you’ll join the MISSION with me.

Here’s a quick summary of this company that I’m so excited to now be partnered up with on this mission:

Sound good to anyone else?

Me too!

The reason you’ve never heard of them is because it’s Invite Only.

I can get you in, but you can’t just go sign up.

They only want people on the same mission to join and they’re happy to say “no” to the Far-Left Libs!

They’ve been doing it for 37 years and it’s been working great.

Oh, and did I mention the products are non-toxic and don’t have all the chemicals and crap like Red Dye 40 that all the Big Corporations put in their products to weaken you?

To wear you down?

To make you — and your family — sick?

Because then when you get sick you’ll buy their drugs!

Sorry folks, I don’t play that game and neither does my family.

We’re talking the LAST all natural, grass fed, no hormone, massive Black Angus beef cattle ranch in the United States….

Sound good?

We’re talking Fluoride Free Toothpaste, chemical free cleaners, Deet-free mosquito repellant!

What novel concepts, right?

Stop sending you money to these 11 corporations that do NOT have your best interest at heart:

It’s an ILLUSION of choice.

There’s only one pro-American, American made and manufactured, chemical free, toxin free, hormone free, company left….and I’m teaming up with them to FIGHT BACK!

Who’s with me?

Watch this:

As I said, it’s Invite Only and the invite is completely free!

In fact, I’ve assembled a team of patriots who will personally get you invited and signed up….if you want in.

Americans Helping Americans.

Patriots Helping Patriots.

It’s called “Patriot Switch” and I think the name says it all.

Folks, we don’t have many strongholds left.

This is one.

And I’m all in.

If you’d like to find out more and get a FREE personal invite, just go here:

Tell them Noah sent you and I promise you will get a personal call, text or email.

Don’t freak out when you do.

I know I tend to get concerned when I get messages from numbers I don’t recognize, but if you request a Free Invite (Link here: you WILL have someone from my Inner Circle reach out to you….so be ready!

These are awesome people and I think you’ll love getting a chance to talk with them.

And they’ll help get you all set up.

Who’s with me and who’s ready to stop eating Arsenic, Cadmium, and Lead?

Your friend,

– Noah

p.s. Since everyone gets personal attention, we will take these in the order in which they come in.  So if you are excited, ask for your invite now or you might be far down on the list.  I have a great team, but they can only do so much and they’ll work on a first-come, first-served basis.

Request a free Invite here:


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