New Photo Reportedly Shows RFK Jr. Posing In Front Of Barbecued Dog

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A newly released photo shows Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (allegedly) posing before a barbecued dog.

Last year, Kennedy sent the photo of himself appearing to eat the dog to a friend last year.

In the photo, Kennedy poses in front of an animal whose ribs are exposed.

Take a look:

Check out what the New York Post reported:

An unsettling, newly-unearthed photo shows Robert F. Kennedy Jr. posing with what appears to be the barbecued carcass of a dog — suggesting the Independent presidential candidate once ate man’s best friend.

Kennedy, 70, texted the upsetting photo of himself and an unidentified woman posing with the charred animal to a friend last year, according to a Vanity Fair report.The Kennedy family scion is seen clutching the barbequed remains on a big metal spit and pretending to take a big bite out of the ribs.

The carcass has 13 pairs of ribs – including a tell-tale “floating rib” that suggests it is in fact a canine, a veterinarian told the magazine.Kennedy shared the snap with a friend who was traveling to Asia and suggested that the friend would enjoy a restaurant in Korea that had dogs on the menu — further suggesting the 2024 candidate once ate a dog.

Per New Jersey:

Robert Kennedy Jr. texted a photograph to a friend. In the photo RFK Jr. was posing, alongside an unidentified woman, with the barbecued remains of what appears to be a dog. Kennedy told the person, who was traveling to Asia, that he might enjoy a restaurant in Korea that served dog on the menu, suggesting Kennedy had sampled dog. The photo was taken in 2010, according to the digital file’s metadata—the same year he was diagnosed with a dead tapeworm in his brain. (A veterinarian who examined the photograph says the carcass is a canine, pointing to the 13 pairs of ribs, which include the tell-tale “floating rib” found in dogs.)

The picture’s intent seems to have been comedic—Kennedy and his companion are pantomiming—but for the recipient it was disturbing evidence of Kennedy’s poor judgment and thoughtlessness, simultaneously mocking Korean culture, reveling in animal cruelty, and needlessly risking his reputation and that of his family.

The image prompted former Barack Obama staffer, Jon Favreau, to remark on X, “What the f— is wrong with this man”?

To be fair, Kennedy himself has said it was NOT a dog, but rather a goat.

Take a look:

Hey @VanityFair, you know when your veterinary experts call a goat a dog, and your forensic experts say a photo taken in Patagonia was taken in Korea, that you’ve joined the ranks of supermarket tabloids. Keep telling America that up is down if you want. I’ll keep talking about the fact that working families can’t afford houses or groceries because our last two presidents went on a $14 trillion debt joyride, paid for by hard-working Americans.

The DNC media’s garbage pail journalism may distract us from President Biden’s cognitive deficits but it does little to elevate the national debate or reduce the price of groceries.

So we will have to take him at his word that it was a GOAT and not a DOG.

Meanwhile thought, two questions remain…


And two: do you think that’s how he got that Brain Parasite?

FACT-CHECK: How Did RFK Jr. Get That Tapeworm In His Brain? [WARNING: Graphic]

Heads up folks, portions of this article are extremely graphic.

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Ok, now let’s dig in.

You gotta hand it to Laura Loomer for always giving us something interesting to talk about.  And I truly think she does great work.

But she really gave us a wild one today….

And it’s all about RFK Jr. and that tapeworm that crawled into his brain, ate some of his brain, and then died in there.

You have likely already heard about that earlier this week, but if not here’s that report:

RFK Jr. Says Worm Crawled Into His Brain, Ate Some Of It, Then Died

Enter Laura Loomer, who asked herself: how did he contract that tapeworm, anyway?

And this is the graphic part, so here's your second warning.

Loomer posted this to her Twitter:

I just found out the way you get parasitic brain worms is from eating human poop.

That likely means
contracted a brain worm from EATING ASS!

And you want to vote for this guy to be President ?

? An ass eater?

And you call yourself a medical doctor???

Safe to say the carrier didn’t wipe.

Laura, come on....tell me you did not just go there!

But she brought evidence, posting this which appears to be from Google:

Ok, so with all respect to Ms. Loomer, I had to do a little Fact-Checking here.

I asked ChatGPT what are the most common ways to transmit brain parasite tapeworms and this is what it told me:

Having a worm or parasite in the brain, known as neurocysticercosis, typically results from an infection by the pork tapeworm, Taenia solium. Here are the most common ways someone might contract this infection:

  1. Ingestion of Eggs from Contaminated Food or Water: The most common route of infection is by consuming food or water contaminated with the eggs of Taenia solium. The eggs are often present in fecally contaminated water or food.
  2. Poor Hygiene Practices: Inadequate handwashing or consuming food prepared by someone who has not properly washed their hands after using the bathroom can lead to ingestion of the tapeworm eggs.
  3. Consuming Undercooked Pork: While less common for leading to brain infection, consuming undercooked or infected pork can lead to tapeworm infections. However, it's important to note that consuming the larvae in pork typically leads to tapeworms in the intestines, not the brain. The brain infection occurs when the eggs, not the larvae, are ingested.
  4. Autoinfection: If a person has an intestinal tapeworm infection, they can autoinfect themselves if proper hygiene isn’t maintained. This can happen if tapeworm eggs present in the person’s stool contaminate their hands and then are ingested.

Once ingested, the eggs hatch in the intestines, and the larvae can migrate to different parts of the body, including the brain, forming cysts. This condition can be serious and requires medical attention. Symptoms might include seizures, headaches, and other neurological issues, depending on the location and number of cysts in the brain.

I then followed up with a more direct question, asking if Ms. Loomer's claim would be a possible and/or likely method of transmission:

Yes, it is theoretically possible to contract neurocysticercosis through oral-fecal contact during sexual activities, such as anilingus, if the anal area of the person being contacted is contaminated with the eggs of Taenia solium. This can occur if the person has a tapeworm infection and proper hygiene practices are not followed. The risk can be mitigated by ensuring good personal hygiene and possibly avoiding such activities if there is any concern about parasitic infections.

So there you go.

Definitely possible, if not perhaps the most likely method of transmission.

I also followed up with Grok to see what it thought:

The most likely cause of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. getting a tapeworm in his brain is due to a condition called neurocysticercosis. This condition is caused by the larvae of the pork tapeworm, known as Taenia solium. The tapeworm eggs can be ingested through contaminated food or water, leading to the infection. Once ingested, the eggs hatch and the larvae can migrate to various parts of the body, including the brain, where they can form cysts. These cysts can cause a variety of symptoms, including memory loss, brain fog, and seizures, depending on where they are located in the brain and the body's immune response. It's important to note that neurocysticercosis is more common in areas where the tapeworm is endemic, such as parts of Africa, South America, and Asia, which aligns with Kennedy's extensive travel in those regions for his environmental advocacy work.

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