Joe Biden Gives Super Creepy “Rub Down” To Man’s Arm

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Do you know what a pet-peeve of mine is?

It’s when you’re in church and the people in front of you start doing public rub downs.

Do you know what I mean?

You’re just sitting there trying to enjoy a nice time in church and all of a sudden the couple ahead of you starts doing a back rub.

It usually starts out slow at first but then sometimes they really get into it, and it starts looking like a full-blown deep tissue massage.

Then the rub-ee leans forward so the rub-or can get a better angle and really go in deeper.

A couple weeks ago, I even witnessed a TWO HANDED rub down in the row ahead of me.

I nearly interrupted to tell them to just go get a room.

I’m sorry but we simply don’t need public rub-downs in church, and I’m calling for an end to it!

Because I can’t focus once you start with your rub downs, working out knots and doing deep tissue kneading.

Now all of a sudden you’ve brought me into your kinky rub down and now it’s just awkward for all of us!

Can I please just sit here in peace and let me enjoy church?

Ok, why I am I telling you all of this?

Because Joe Biden just did his own public rub down and it was also very creepy.

Watch here:

Joe, this is NOT a 6-year old girl!  (not that you should be rubbing those down either).

Joe, back away….

Whatever you do, do NOT try to smell his arm next!

The comments online are hilarious.

I love this one the most — remember, Joe is still allegedly sick with a cold — that he just smeared all over this poor guy’s arm:

Others report this is just another clear sign of advanced dementia:

And this one:

So, what do you think is creepier?

Joe Biden rubbing people down?

Joe Biden smelling people?

Or Joe Biden doing his creepy whisper thing?

Joe Biden Does His “Dog Faced Pony Soldier” Bit Again, Adds Creepy Whispering

There two things Joe Biden really loves…

A really weird and creepy line apparently from a John Wayne movie about a “Dog Faced Pony Soldier”…..and creepy whispering.

And he put them together in his latest ass-hat clip going viral on X.

Seriously, what is wrong with this guy?

Who talks like this?

Is this Elder Abuse?

Watch him again use his infamous line “you’re a dog-faced pony soldier!” 👇

The most hilarious thing?

They Fact-Checked it and the line actually doesn’t exist in any John Wayne movie….or any other movie anyone can find for that matter:

This is the only one anyone can find that is even close:

For more on the “Biden Gaffe Machine” let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

The Gaffe Machine:

Extremely well done, from my friend Trey Smith:

And don’t forget this:

“Look, fat…..”


Dog Faced Pony Soldier

Hairy legs and roaches:


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