BREAKING: Trump Sentencing Delayed, Full Reversal of Charges Incoming?

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Strange July, Strange July!

Yes indeed….and we’re only on July 2nd.

But what a month it has been already.

Yesterday, we had the historic Supreme Court ruling on Presidential Immunity, which I put at an 80-90% win for President Trump.

You can read that analysis here in case you missed it:

President Trump’s HUGE Supreme Court Win On Immunity Explained

But perhaps 80-90% was too low, because it's already having massive impact.

Remember Alvin Bragg?

Of course you do.

Remember his foaming-at-the-mouth zeal to "get Trump"?

Even he just backed down.

The story has been moving quickly because no sooner did news come out that they were "open to delaying" the sentencing, it actually happened:

That was fast!!

It was a very rough four years, but I always told're gonna LOVE how this movie ends!

Strange July, Strange July!

But just wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Oh my!

No new date has been set:

It's possible no new date will ever be set.

I loved this one the most....New Sentencing from Bragg: "4 Years at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue"!

Could the charges actually be dropped next?

Oh my!

Watch this from Fox News:

We'll continue to monitor this story and bring you updates.

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