What Is Going On With Joe Biden’s Sign Language “Expert”?

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Just a few minutes ago, Joe Biden addressed the Nation about President Trump’s big Supreme Court win.

You can see that report here:

Joe Biden Addresses The Nation After Historic Supreme Court Win For President Trump

But I'm way more interested in just what in the world is going on with Joe's sign language lady.

What is this?

Is this normal?

I don't think so?

Can anyone in the sign language community tell me if this is normal?

All the weird facial expressions....

Is this the way they do sign language?

It seems very strange to me.

Here's what I posted to Twitter:

Why does the sign language lady look so weird?

Is this normal?

Or is it more Biden dumb-assery?

Is it just that anyone who even gets close to his orbit turns into a f*cking lunatic?

Watch here:

Backup here if needed:

So, can someone fill me in down below in the comments please?

Is this normal?

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