President Trump’s HUGE Supreme Court Win On Immunity Explained

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Earlier today you almost certainly saw the big news break….

We finally got the long-awaited ruling from the Supreme Court on Presidential Immunity:

BREAKING: Supreme Court Rules On Trump’s Absolute Immunity Case

But...where does that leave us?

And are you a bit confused about what this is all about?

Allow me to explain.

First, let's start with who won....

Did Trump win?


Not 100%, but I'd call it an 80-90% win for him.

The Democrats and all the Never-Trumpers got a big fat 0% win.

How do I know that?

Because they're throwing little hissy-fits like this:

AOC Plans To File Impeachment Papers Against Supreme Court Justices

President Trump posted the following to his TruthSocial:

Ok, so now let's dig in to what it really means....

What was this case all about?

Whether a President has "immunity" for his actions taken while in office.

Amazingly, that question has never been ruled upon in the history of our nation.

But we do have large black letter law about immunity in official roles for many other jobs.

And basically, the law says exactly what you might expect: when you are serving in your official capacity and doing your job, you have immunity for those actions.

When you step outside your official role and do something that's not "part of the job" then you don't have immunity.

That's been basic black letter law for centuries, it's just never been applied to the Presidency.

So what did the Court do today?

Basically, exactly what I expected they would do -- they simply extended that basic, black letter law to the Presidency, confirming Presidents have absolute immunity when serving in their official capacity as President -- but it's not a blank check to do anything they want outside the bounds of the job.



Makes perfect sense.

I thought this short video does a great job explaining it:

So where does that leave us?

It answers one question (yes, Presidents have absolute immunity) but if you're following along you realize all it did was create one giant new question....

Which is: which acts of President Trump in question were done "in his official capacity as President" and which were not.

In other words, back to court we go for another long, drawn out fight....which will almost certainly be appealed as well.

And THAT, my friends, is why this is a huge win for Trump!

Because we all know these cases are bogus.

We all know they will disappear the minute President Trump is no longer running for office.

The ONLY thing the Left is trying to do is distract President Trump between now and the election and to defame him in the Court of Public Opinion.

But now?

Now it's almost certain that none of these cases will proceed to trial by the election.

And that was the only goal.

Watch as they will one by one go POOF and simply disappear after the election.

And so President Trump wins.

He wins BIG LEAGUE, as they say!

If you want a longer explanation, this video from my friend Kevin does a great job going into even more detail:


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