Donald Trump Was RIGHT About “Post Birth Abortion” — Here’s The Video Proof!

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I continue to see people claiming that President Trump “lied” or “exaggerated” in the Debate last week when he talked about Democrats wanting to do post-birth abortions.

Not even wanting to do it….actually happening currently!

Folks, President Trump was not wrong, there is video evidence of it, and I’ve got it for you right here.

Trump was 100% right.

And we have the receipts!

Here is a direct quote from Gov. Northam explaining how he would allow a baby to be born, he would “keep it comfortable” and then a decision would be made on what to do with the baby:

if a mother is in labor I can tell you
exactly what would happen the infant
would be delivered —  the infant would be
kept comfortable the infant would be
resuscitated if that’s what the mother
and the family desired and then a
discussion would ensue between the
physicians and the mother so so I think
this was really blown out of proportion

Ahhh yeah, even Democrats objected to that because, ummmm, that’s not even “abortion” that’s straight up murder of a living human being.

Watch here:

Backup here if needed:

Translation: 5 minutes or even 1 minute before a happy, healthy, human being baby would be born, he supports killing it in the womb.




I think the Bible is clear that life begins at conception, but there is at least some understandable discussion people can debate about very early on in the process.

But full term?

One minute before birth?

That’s just straight up murder.

And remember this?

Backup here:

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