Biden Family Desperately Try To Save Presidential Campaign?

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Despite the speculation Joe Biden would drop out of the 2024 presidential election Sunday, he reportedly has ‘expressed complete commitment’ to remain in the race.

According to reports, the Biden family remains supportive of him staying in the race.

“Behind closed doors there, Biden’s family has been encouraging him to stay the course, according to two people familiar with the situation,” The Washington Post reports.

From The Washington Post:

The push to save Biden’s candidacy, which continued Sunday at a Camp David retreat with the president’s family encouraging him to stay in the race, appears to have at least temporarily stemmed the flood of public doubt and bought him some time. Still, the effort by the president’s aides, supporters and family members to contain the damage after he struggled to make a coherent case against Republican rival Donald Trump during the debate Thursday has been ambitious and frenzied. It has also become a case study of a campaign thrust into crisis.

In private conversations, the president has expressed complete commitment to staying in the race, according to people briefed on those conversations, who, like others in this article, were granted anonymity to discuss private deliberations. But he has asked aides and allies about what they’re hearing in the aftermath of his performance. He has also expressed concern about the fallout and dismay over some of the commentary that calls on him to drop out of the race, the people said.

Still, several people familiar with the situation described the president and those around him as even-keeled and unshaken, pointing to a long history of political and personal trauma that Biden has endured during his 81 years.

“You have a bad night. Bad nights end,” one person said. “We’re still here. Let’s go.”

“Members of the Biden family privately LAMBASTED the President’s top advisors while at Camp David today, putting the blame on them for Biden’s poor performance at the debate. Biden’s family is now demanding Joe fire or demote his top campaign staffers,” journalist Nick Sortor wrote, citing POLITICO.

POLITICO reports:

Members of Joe Biden’s family privately trashed his top campaign advisers at Camp David this weekend, blaming them for the president’s flop in Thursday’s debate and urging Biden to fire or demote people in his political high command.

There is no immediate expectation that Biden will follow through on that advice, according to three people briefed on the family conversations but not directly involved. The three people were granted anonymity to discuss the matter.

Among the family’s complaints about the debate practice: that Biden was not prepared to pivot more to go on the attack; that he was bogged down too much on defending his record rather than outlining a vision for a second term; and that he was over-worked and not well-rested.

The blame was cast widely on staffers, including: Anita Dunn, the senior adviser who frequently has the president’s ear; her husband, Bob Bauer, the president’s attorney who played Trump in rehearsals at Camp David; and Ron Klain, the former chief of staff who ran point on the debate prep and previous cycles’ sessions.

“The aides who prepped the President have been with him for years, often decades, seeing him through victories and challenges. He maintains strong confidence in them,” Biden campaign spokesperson Kevin Munoz said in a statement.

Although the mainstream media reports Joe Biden remains ‘committed’ to the race, others say it’s only a matter of time before he drops out.

For example, Bill O’Reilly said the decision for Biden to quit the campaign has been made.

“The White House doesn’t yet know how or when to make the announcement,” he said.

Bill O’Reilly Just Confirmed What We Told You Yesterday: Joe Biden Is Dropping Out

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