Bill O’Reilly Just Confirmed What We Told You Yesterday: Joe Biden Is Dropping Out

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I’m really proud to share this update with you, for two big reasons.

One, I’m always happy when our reporting is confirmed to be 100% on the money.

And that’s what just happened here, as we first told you last night (and update today) that Joe Biden is indeed dropping out of the race:

UPDATE: If Joe Biden Does Not Drop Out Today, Watch July 4th!

And now a day later Bill O'Reilly is confirming our reporting as 100% accurate.

Take a look:

But the second reason I'm so proud to bring you this report is because I grew up watching and admiring Bill O'Reilly and especially all his work on The Factor.

Oh sure, I know Bill has a history of perhaps some bad behavior....

The infamous "F- it, we'll do it live!" outburst...

Infamously short tempered....

But I always loved his work and the way he put that show together.

It was so well done, and a lot of what I do here at I model after different things I saw Bill do over the years.

So to see we now brought you this story one day earlier than Bill O'Reilly and he then confirmed our reporting is truly an honor and quite surreal.

Yes, I know Dan Bongino does not like Bill O'Reilly very much:

BEATDOWN: Dan Bongino Absolutely SAVAGES Bill O’Reilly In Epic Rant

And I don't know the man as a person....

But strictly in terms of his professional work, I have always really admired Bill O'Reilly and tried to model my work after his in many ways.


MILESTONE: A Special 'THANK YOU' To All Readers | Bill O'Reilly

This is a quick message to stop and say 'THANK YOU' to every single one of you who faithfully read and trust us to bring you the news.

It's a mission I have never taken lightly ever since I founded this website with exactly ZERO dollar and ZERO readers and ZERO followers back in 2015.

We had nothing except a desire to report on the news openly and honestly, in a way the MSM refused to do.

Flash-forward 6 years and we currently have between 4 to 6 million people visiting each month.

That's a lot.

But to put it in context, Google estimates about 1.86 BILLION websites currently exist right now:

Of those, we are ranked # 8,514 in most viewed in the United States:

To put that further in perspective, we are in the top 0.0000045% of all websites out there!

I'm not great at math but I think that's close to the top 1% of the top 1% of the top 1%.

Not just political websites....ALL websites.

I don't publish this to toot our own horn but just to say 'THANK YOU' and to say how much of an honor and a responsibility it is to bring you the news each day.

Thank you for being here...

Thank you for trusting us...

Thank you for sharing out message and helping us grow.  

We're only here because of YOU!

To put it even more in context, and actually the reason I even was thinking about this today, I decided to look up how many people visit each month.

I grew up watching The O'Reilly Factor each night.

Bill was the best....

....still IS the best when it comes to covering the news.

He practically invented the Opinion/Hard News format and almost single-handed launched FoxNews on the back of The O'Reilly Factor.

I saw a social media post with a video of Bill so I decided to check in and see how he is doing these days.

Bill's site is currently # 11,667 in the United States, which is also in the top 1% of the top 1%:

But I was stunned to learn we get about double the amount of visitors per month than he does.

And I'm not even saying we're better, not at all.

Bill, you're a living legend and I grew up watching you not only for the news you reported but studying how you put your show together.

To in some small way now be making an impact similar to Bill O'Reilly is something that isn't quite registering with my brain yet.

But I wanted to end this article by issuing a public invitation to one of my heroes in journalism, Bill O'Reilly.

If someone reading this knows Bill and would show him this article, I would be forever grateful.

Bill, we don't have that FoxNews money here at WeLoveTrump, but if we could ever partner with you and bring you show to our platform, it would be the honor of a lifetime.

A daily show, weekly show, you name it.  "F--- it, we'll do it live!"

You'd have a home here and I am pretty sure I can speak for about 6 million people who would LOVE to hear from you on a regular basis again.

Bill, let's make it happen!

Your friend,


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