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This debate continues to be unlike any other we’ve ever seen….and not in a good way.

In fact, a major Federal Lawsuit was just dropped against CNN for multiple alleged violations of Federal Law and the Constitution.

More on that further down below.

But first I want to show you how CNN is going to use it’s new “Mute Button” technology to silence President Trump.

And boy oh boy are they proud of it!

Even releasing a video showing off exactly how it will work.

And let’s just be honest, while this will apply to both candidates, we all know it exists for only one reason: to silence President Trump.

Joe Biden doesn’t need a mute button….

He IS a mute button!

Joe Biden is a walking, human mute button.

Joe Biden will mute himself.

Either that or he’ll be so hopped up on amphetamines that we’ll only get unintelligible word salads.

Either way, there won’t be anything coherent coming out of Joe’s mouth.

So the mute button will be aimed squarely at President Trump.

And here’s how CNN says it will work:

Larger video player here:

Now a quick reminder of what CNN hopes to cut out from this Debate:

Although I love the optimism here….

Can’t mute his face!

Although I guess they can mute his face….they can just turn his camera off.

Which I don’t doubt they will try!

Others are mocking how out of touch CNN is as a “Boomer Network” that they had to create an explainer video for how a mute button works….

Yeah, we know what a mute button is losers!

Now back to the lawsuit….

Earlier this morning, news broke of a new Federal Lawsuit filed against CNN:

BREAKING: Lawsuit Filed Against CNN On Eve Of The Debate

BREAKING: Lawsuit Filed Against CNN On Eve Of The Debate

Late in the overnight / early morning hours, a lawsuit was just filed against CNN on the eve of the upcoming first Presidential Debate.

Let me explain why...

Let's start with the fact that this "debate" contains many irregularities not historically seen in any prior Presidential Election.

First, it's much earlier than in any prior election.

Second, let's talk about this:

So instead of having at least a nominally "non-partisan" entity running the debates, now we get CNN.

And no oversight.

No historical standards or precedent.

Just CNN as Judge, Jury and Executioner.

Not only that but we get perhaps the two most far-left, most extreme, most demonstrably PARTISAN hosts on the entire network to (allegedly) moderate the debate.

Then we have rumors that past debates have always required an inspection of the candidates for hidden earpieces, but this one will not:

Editor's note: We have not been able to independently verify if that is accurate or not.

But we can verify this is accurate -- even the Presidential Debate Commission Chairman is "slamming" CNN over this debate setup:

From John Solomon's JustTheNews:

A co-chairman of the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) criticized CNN on Wednesday over its debate format, which includes some major changes to the event's traditional layout.

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are expected to take the stage in Atlanta on Thursday night, for the first presidential debate of the current election cycle.

CNN has revealed multiple changes to the debate setup, including two commercial breaks, each candidate getting two minutes to respond to each question, and the lack of a live audience.

“I’m trying to be fair, I’m not judging yet, I want to watch and see," CPD co-chair Frank Fahrenkopf told The Hill's Evening Report. "We developed a format that really works. If they came up with a format that gives the American people a solid view of the candidates, that’s great.”

Fahrenkopf, who has overseen 33 presidential and vice presidential debates, claimed that CNN's debate sounds more like an interview because of how long the candidates have to respond. He also criticized the decision to block audiences from watching the debate in person, claiming previous presidential debates did not have rowdy crowds.

“It’s almost like an interview the way they’re doing it, but this is supposed to be a debate between the two candidates," Fahrenkopf said. “They’re saying there shouldn’t be an audience because people clap and cheer and scream, but that’s not true. That happens at primary debates, not presidential debates. That’s a phony thing the Biden people came up with.”

The CPD co-chair also attacked CNN over a possible conflict of interest regarding its post-debate coverage.

“How will the talking heads on CNN do a fair analysis after they sponsored it? It’s a real challenge,” he said.

Enter Kevin Paffrath, better known on YouTube as "MeetKevin", one of the top financial streamers on YouTube.

Yes, we've covered Kevin a lot recently and it just so happens he's back in the news again today.


Because he just sued CNN.

Take a look:

🚨🚨 BREAKING NEWS 🚨🚨 We’ve just filed a lawsuit against CNN to protect FREE SPEECH during the Trump vs Biden debate. CNN’s refusal to allow independent commentary stifles diverse voices and violates fair competition. This is not just about a debate; it’s about preserving the integrity of public discourse in America.

👉 We demand that CNN allow independent voices to provide live commentary. Americans deserve to hear from all sides, especially on such a crucial day.

We will NOT stand by as CNN ignores non-partisan norms, silences candidates with mic mutes and a lack of in-studio audience, silences independent media, and silences public commentary during the debate by banning streamers and Youtubers from covering the event. This is corporate discrimination, unfair competition, a felony under the Antitrust Act, violates FCC regulations, violates the Communications Act of 1934, violates the First Amendment, and violates the fair use doctrine.

All we ask is that @CNN allow independent creators to comment on the debate stream, so that Americans can listen to the commentary, fact-checkers, or whomever they'd like to, during one of the most critical days in America's history.

CNN's censorship is unAmerican and unDemocratic. By silencing debate commentary and threatening DMCA takedowns of the debate stream, CNN destroys the public forum which is a Presidential Debate. They ruin election integrity and they rob Americans of critical perspective at the most-critical time: DURING the debate.

Want no commentary? Go to CNN. Want Fox's opinion? Listen on @FoxNews . Want @patrickbetdavid , @Timcast
, @BreakingPointsN , or @davidpakmanshow ? You should have the right to choose and listen to their commentary DURING the most critical moments.

We will not stand by and do nothing. We will fight for what's right in America. We will pay for it. We will lead the fight against the corruption of CNN. This isn't even the first time CNN's tried to silence me.

But the censorship ends NOW.

🚨Retweet and share to help us get an emergency injunction today! This is critical for America!!! 🚨

I hope to stream on X, Twitch, and @YouTube my debate commentary today. See you soon.

Here's a backup of that video on YouTube:

You can find the case at Case 2:24-cv-05441 in Federal Court:

The suit was brought by Kenneth E. Traynham, who is Of Counsel with the Karabian Law Firm.

We fully support your efforts Kevin, keep up the great work!

Thank you for fighting for Free Speech and all the values America was founded on.

Unfortunately, those values are under attack from nearly all sides right now.

We must hold the line.

If we, as a nation, are no longer allowed to even provide commentary on a Presidential Debate live as it's happening, the First Amendment has fallen.


Now, if MeetKevin sounds familiar to you, it's because we've been covering him a lot recently.

In fact, we even had to CONFRONT HIM earlier this week:



The U.S. Dollar was Just REJECTED | Saudi Arabia & BRICS - Dedollarization

Over three years ago, we started telling you that the US "PetroDollar" would soon toppled!  And that would be very, very bad for America.

Actually, we didn't tell you....

My good friend and frequent guest on my Daily Truth Report podcast, Bo Polny, told you!

It seemed impossible at the time, laughable even...

But then it became more and more plausible....

And then just this week it actually happened!

The Saudis ended their 50-year Petro-Dollar Agreement with the USA in an absolutely stunning and historic and very bad (for the USA) move.

Here is Bo Polny on my show this week talking all about it:

Bo Polny: THIS Begins Now!

No one is laughing any more.

And Bo was right again.

Now it's on the "Mainstream Media" every single day.

And here's what I wanted to show you right now....

This is my friend Kevin Paffrath, better known as MeetKevin on YouTube.

Kevin has almost 2 million followers on YouTube and came very close to defeating Gavin Newsom in a race for California Governor.

In other words, the man is legitimate.

Oh, and he has his own private plane too.

So whenever Kevin starts talking about something I definitely pay attention.

And Kevin just told confirmed what Bo Polny has been telling us for over 3 years now....

The "Petro-Dollar" is officially dead and yes, that is VERY bad for the US Dollar.

In fact, Kevin recommends in this video below (not personalized financial advice) to GET OUT OF THE DOLLAR immediately!

I'll give you more information on that below, but first I want you to watch this:

Ok so Kevin has one very clear action step for everyone at the end of that video -- and it's EXACTLY what Bo Polny has been telling you to do....


Ok, but how do you do that?

I'm not a financial advisor, neither is Bo Polny, Kevin actually is one....but none of us can give you personalized financial advice....

We can only tell you what we see and what makes sense.

And right now you're hearing a chorus of everyone repeating the same thing: Get out of the US Dollar and get into hard assets!

What are hard assets?

Things like real estate, precious metals (gold and silver), cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and XRP.

And since most of us probably can't go out and buy a big office building or multifamily apartment building, it's much easier to start stacking Gold, Silver and Cryptocurrencies.

This is exactly why I love this so much:

Buy It — Break It — Trade It — New Silver “Invention” Has Never Been Done Before!

In fact, let me educate you a bit more on what is already here from BRICS and then keep reading and I'll show you how you can possibly get a bunch of Gold for NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET!  Yes, really.  I'll post that farther down below.  

But first read this:

BRICS Creates New Payment System, Will Compete Against US Dollar

I've been warning you the BRICS were going to try and replace the US Dollar for over a year now.

At first people thought it was impossible.

But just yesterday the US/Saudi "PetroDollar" Agreement ended without being renewed.

And the BRICS is seizing every advantage.

Just as Bo Polny has been warning you, the U.S. Dollar is under serious attack and may soon be taking a nasty plunge.

It's not by accident, it's by design.

The nations of the world, particularly the BRICS nations, are tired of the dollar-supremacy and have been wanting to dethrone it for a long time.

Until recently, that's been impossible due to our strength in America, but Joe Biden is swinging the door wide open for our fall.

Or perhaps it's an intentional implosion from within?

Either way, this is real and very bad news:

JUST IN: BRICS Reveals Blockchain Alternative To The Dollar

Now don't tune out on me when we start talking economics....

Because this is going to affect your life in a big way.

If you're a little confused about why the U.S. Dollar is so important, you need to see this.

It's the "petrodollar" and it's the reason we have such a high standard of living here in the USA.

But when it falls?

Worse than the Great Depression -- and here's that word again: overnight.

Watch this and I think you'll understand:

Larger video player here:

And here is NPR of all places, confirming exactly what Glenn Beck, Bo Polny, me and so many others have been telling you:

The dollar is the world's currency: It dominates global business.

Economists call it the "global reserve currency," a fancy title the dollar got about 80 years ago that has brought some pretty serious perks to the U.S. economy.

But could the dollar get knocked off the top spot? There are challengers emerging, and history shows that countries whose currency dominated the globe can fall from that top spot pretty fast ... even over the course of a few days.

How it started: timing + muscle + lots of gold

The U.S. dollar did not luck its way into the top spot.

It was a carefully engineered plan that unfolded in the mountains of New Hampshire nearly 80 years ago.At the time the British Pound Sterling was the international currency. A title it had held for decades.

The dollar's rise happened pretty suddenly at the Bretton Woods International Monetary Conference in 1944. Bretton Woods was a gathering of world leaders at the end of World War II. They came together to try and establish an international system for trade and finance, to help bind the world together and increase prosperity for all.

Now with that in mind, here's what's coming:

You HAVE to watch this one:

The BIS and central banks worldwide continue to accumulate gold reserves, setting the stage for a gold revaluation in 2024 🏦

BRICS is working on a new payment system based on cryptocurrency and blockchain as they stockpile gold 🏅

In the coming financial century we will return to gold-backed assets, but this time valuable assets will be tokenized!

#XRP will bridge valuable, gold-backed currencies -

Everything has been planned for a long time...

Did you catch the GOLD part?

What do I keep telling you....all the big players right now are buying gold.

Not just buying it but stockpiling it!


Central Banks....

They're all buying as much as they can get their hands on.

That's all well and good for them but what about you?  And me?

Let's talk solutions...

Because I can't leave you hanging just with doom and gloom.

As always, I leave you with SOLUTIONS!

You may have noticed Glenn brought up gold.

In fact, you've probably been hearing a LOT about gold.

There are many credible rumors saying gold will back the new reserve currency that's about to emerge...wouldn't THAT be interesting!

Gold has been the ONE currency to have stood the test of time.

Literally "God's Money" it has never gone to zero and by all accounts never will.

And the Central Banks know it.

I always say: watch what they DO, not what they SAY.

There's a phrase on Wall Street called "talking your book".

It's a pretty evil thing...

Basically what it means is while you are telling the world one thing, you are secretly doing the exact opposite behind the scenes.


Because if you can make the entire market panic (retirees, workers contributing to 401ks, people trying to get ahead with investments), then you can swoop in while they're panicking and buy on the cheap!

Vice-versa, if you can create euphoria, you can get the public to buy in at exactly the wrong time....all while you cash out.

It's what Wall Street has been doing forever.

And history is repeating itself right now with Gold and Silver -- in my opinion.

For the last year, central banks across the globe have been buying up as much gold (and often silver) as they can acquire without raising alarm bells.

Now, we see why.

The recent bank runs and ongoing collapse of the U.S. banking system was anticipated by the "elites" and the central bankers who run things behind the scenes. They saw it coming and knew the best way to protect their assets was through physical precious metals.

So...the only question is, are you going to do what they TELL YOU or do what they DO themselves?

It's why Jim Cramer is wrong almost EVERY time on CNBC.

His job is not to give you great Financial Advice.

I sure hope you didn't think that.

No, his job is to "talk the books" for Wall Street and get the narrative out that they want!

Even if it's wrong -- like it is over and over and over.

So, what can you do?

You can do what the Central Banks are doing...get some Gold and Silver.

Precious metals.

God's money.

I just talked about precious metals this week with Bo Polny and now I'm bringing you a solution that you can utilize right away if you're so inclined...

Oh and here's the best's from a faith-driven, conservative precious metals company whose mission is to help Americans tap into the rising precious metals market through self-directed IRAs backed by physical precious metals. And while this service is not unique to Genesis, their adherence to Biblical stewardship of money makes them singularly qualified to receive a sponsored recommendation from this site.

Unlike most companies offering similar services, Genesis deals only with physical precious metals.

So important.

They do not offer "virtual" or "paper" gold or silver.

Oh, and you know who else loves these guys?


Literally Superman, Conservative Actor and the man who once played Clark Kent on ABC, Dean Cain.

Check this out:

With Genesis and their depositories, customers can see and touch the precious metals that back their retirement accounts. When it comes time to take distributions, Genesis customers can cash in some or all of their precious metals or have them delivered to their door.

Central bankers aren't slowing down. In fact, nations like China and even U.S. states like Tennessee are quickly but quietly buying up gold to back their own treasuries. When the writing on the wall is this clear, it's understandable why these governments are moving quickly to get ahead of any potential economic catastrophes in store.

Working with Genesis is the best way our readers can explore the physical precious metals market through self-directed IRAs. It benefits us as well when our readers work with this America-First company.

Visit or call 866-292-0443 today.

Don't wait too long, according to Weiss we have more bank failures right around the corner.

You know what has NEVER "failed"?

Gold.  Precious metals.  Indestructible.

There's a reason they call it "God's money".

Watch this for more:

Stay safe!

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