President Trump Receives A Heroe’s Welcome In Atlanta! “Trump! Trump! Trump!”

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President Trump has arrived in Atlanta for the Debate and he received nothing short of a Heroe’s Welcome at the Atlanta Airport!

Watch here:

Full video player here:

Meanwhile, here is Trump’s Motorcade….

Now ask yourself, does this look like a SITTING or FORMER President?


Meanwhile, let’s go to Biden and ask yourself that same question:

Joe Biden Arrives At The Debates — Looks Terrible and Tired!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words….and video is even better.

So I’m not going to say much, I just want you to watch this.

Watch as Joe Biden arrives at the Debate and looks, well…..terrible.

He’s doing the open mouth thing.

Benny is right: must not have given him his juice yet:

Full video player here:


Of course they haven’t given him the injection yet….

You have to wait until right before so it doesn’t wear off by the end!

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