Podcaster Tim Pool Reveals CNN’s Sinister Tactic To Thwart Conservatives During Debate

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It seems clear that by hosting Thursday’s debate on CNN with a pair of anti-Trump moderators and a slew of restrictive rules that the Biden administration is trying to create the best situation possible for the current president.

For its part, the left-leaning cable news network is apparently doing its part to control the narrative, including by telling conservative commentators that they won’t be able to stream the debate and provide real-time commentary.

Podcaster Tim Pool exposed this scheme on his show and via social media, as reported by the Post Millennial.

“Confirming that we are offering digital platforms the ability to stream the debate only via CNN YouTube,” said a CNN spox to Pool in a message reviewed by The Post Millennial. “We are not granting digital entities the right to stream the debate on their own YouTube channels. I hope that helps.”

Pool also had a phone call with CNN, arranged by YouTube, which he discussed on air. He said that he’d received a message from YouTube last week “asking to hop on a phone call to discuss the RNC and the presidential cycle.” During that call, which happened on Monday, he “briefly spoke with some individuals at YouTube… who made it clear that CNN reached out and is expressing concern, I don’t know the full extent, but making it known that YouTube better contact their news programs over the CNN debate.”

Pool and his team have previously streamed and commented on presidential debates in the past. After one debate, which had been broadcast on Fox, the network claimed that they had copyright protection for the content and made threats against several channels. Those threats were eventually dropped.

“Now of course, like all presidential debates,” Pool continued, “which is the epitome of civic responsibility, of civic participation. We will provide live commentary and fact-checking on this presidential debate as we have done for every other so long as the show has been around.

“In a show of good faith,” he said, “YouTube asked me to reach out to CNN to see if if there was anything they would be looking for in this regard. Because apparently they are asking other networks who are doing the exact same thing to abide by certain restrictions.” Pool reached out, only to find that the network insisted that they would not allow anyone on YouTube, other than those who had been granted specific permission.

The news quickly spread online:

X owner Elon Musk confirmed the he would refuse to remove posts on the platform by content creators who streamed the debate.

According to Mashable:

However, on Monday night, Musk made a rare popular political decision: X would allow third-party streams of Thursday’s presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. According to Musk, his company would not take down commentary feeds streaming the debate if CNN filed such a request.

Here’s a clip from Pool’s podcast during which he discussed the issue:


NEW: CNN Will Delay Live Debate 1-2 Minutes, Possibly Allowing Network To Edit Biden’s Blunders

A new report has revealed CNN will implement a 1-2 minute delay during the Trump-Biden debate.

Journalist Patrick Webb reported, “CNN will implement a 1-2 minute delay for tonight’s presidential debate instead of the standard 7-second delay.”

This will “potentially allow time to edit parts of the broadcast,” added Webb.

Take a look:

Here was users on social media reaction:

CNN previously added mic muting during the debate.

Per The Hill:

CNN on Thursday night will be using a mute button that can cut off President Biden and former President Trump during the first presidential debate, in a bid by the network to avoid a repeat of the raucous clash between the two in 2020.

During the 2020 debate, Biden and Trump repeatedly talked over and insulted one another. The animosity between the two candidates, and the importance of Thursday night’s battle, increases the odds that both men will be aggressive on the Atlanta stage.

The mute button is intended to help viewers understand the candidates, but it also carries risks for CNN.
Trump’s campaign ahead of the debate has already put forward the argument that the moderators, CNN anchors Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, will treat their candidate unfavorably.

CNN says its debate night control room will mute the microphones of candidates when it is not their turn to speak.

But Tapper and Bash will also be “empowered to use all tools at their disposal to enforce timing and ensure a civilized discussion.”

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