Former GOP Congressman Endorses Joe Biden For President

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Former Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger endorsed Joe Biden for president in the 2024 election.

He called himself a “proud conservative.”

“As a proud conservative, I’ve always put democracy and our Constitution above all else,” Kinzinger said.

“And it’s because of my unwavering support for democracy that today, as a proud conservative, I’m endorsing Joe Biden for re-election,” he continued.

First off, the former Illinois Republican doesn’t know this country’s form of government.

The United States is a constitutional republic, not a democracy.

‘Democracy’ is not mentioned one time in the founding documents.

Because democracy is mob rule.

“So while I certainly don’t agree with President Biden on everything, and I never thought I’d be endorsing a Democrat for president, I know that he will always protect the very thing that makes America the best country in the world: OUR DEMOCRACY,” he said.

How can a public servant be in office for over a decade and be so ignorant on his country’s form of government?

What’s another way to describe ‘democracy?’

Tyranny of the majority.

“This is what putting your country before your party looks like. I’m grateful for your endorsement, Adam,” Joe Biden’s X account posted.

From the Associated Press:

Kinzinger’s announcement comes on the eve of the opening presidential debate and gives Biden an example he can raise Thursday night of a well-known Republican supporting him over Trump. Biden’s camp is prioritizing outreach to moderate Republicans and independents alienated by Trump’s tumultuous White House tenure.

Kinzinger becomes the highest-profile Republican official formally backing Biden, whose campaign earlier in the month tapped Kinzinger’s former chief of staff Austin Weatherford to serve as its national Republican outreach director. Republican former Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan also endorsed Biden last month.

On Wednesday, appearing with Duncan and Harry Dunn, a former police officer who defended the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, Kinzinger reiterated his argument that sending Trump back to the White House would be rewarding a candidate “intent on dividing and destroying the American people to turn them against each other for his own selfish gain.”

“I tell you what, I am proud to stand up here today as a conservative Republican, and endorsing Joe Biden for reelection to the president of the United States,” Kinzinger said during a news conference at the Georgia state Capitol.

“Today I endorsed Joe Biden for President, putting country over party. I’m standing firm in defending our democracy,” Kinzinger said.

FOX 5 Atlanta reports:

With recent polls showing former President Donald Trump leading President Joe Biden by a slim margin, both campaigns are reaching beyond their party base to secure votes.

Two high-profile GOP leaders made a direct appeal to Republican voters during a news conference under the Gold Dome on Wednesday afternoon, saying democracy is at stake.

“I think that there are millions of Republicans who want a reason not to vote for President Trump,” said former Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan.

The campaign talked about the alleged threat former President Donald Trump reportedly poses to our democracy and his embrace of “political violence.”

“The nightmare has to end, and it has to end now. It’s time to purge Donald Trump from our system,” said Duncan.

Before the press conference, the campaign said it would underscore President Biden’s commitment to strengthening our democracy and the reasons he is the right candidate for all Americans, regardless of political party.

The ignorance is truly astounding.

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