DEVELOPING: Multiple U.S. Mobile Carriers Report Outages For Traveling Customers

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Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile have reported outages for American customers traveling abroad.

An international roaming outage has left customers unable to connect and make calls outside the country.

“We’re one of several providers impacted by a third-party vendor’s issue that is intermittently affecting some international roaming service,” a T-Mobile spokesperson told CNN.

“We’re working with them to resolve it,” the spokesperson added.

Per CNN:

Meanwhile, Verizon told CNN about 30% of its customers’ calls and data connections from overseas are not going through right now.

The issue stems from an international third-party communications provider called Syniverse, which manages international roaming connections for various carriers.

In a company statement, Syniverse said it started to experience connectivity issues affecting mobile users early Thursday morning.

“Since the onset of these issues, Syniverse has been working closely with our network partners to restore full service,” the statement said. “We understand the inconvenience this has caused and appreciate your patience as we navigate this challenge.”

“The AT&T network is operating normally. Some customers traveling internationally may be experiencing service disruptions due to an issue outside the AT&T network. We’re working with one of our roaming connectivity providers to resolve the issue,” an AT&T spokesperson told The Verge.

“Anyone else travelling outside of the US experiencing cellular data outage with AT&T?” one X user asked.

The Verge reports:

That won’t help anyone get connected, but the companies are aware of the issue. A tweet from Verizon’s support account on X says, “Our teams are actively working with local providers to resolve the issue” of calls not connecting for people traveling abroad.

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