BREAKING: White House Press Corps Petitioning CNN For Access To Debate Studio Due To “Medical Emergency”!

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Folks, this is an absolute bombshell….

It seems like no one is happy with CNN’s handling of this debate.

From the Mute Button on President Trump….

To the 2 minute live delay….

To an emergency Lawsuit that was filed against CNN just this morning:

BREAKING: Lawsuit Filed Against CNN On Eve Of The Debate

It seems like EVERYONE is in agreement on one thing: CNN's handling of this debate is a disaster for Free Speech, for open debate and for our Constitution and ideals that have governed this great nation for centuries!

And when I say everyone I mean everyone -- even the White House Press Corps which is largely comprised of Far-Left "Fake News".

When even the Far-Left Fake News is against what you are doing, you know you have possibly gone too far.  WAY too far.

But it's the reason they're giving that is turning lots of heads....

Get this: the White House Press Corps has petitioned CNN to open up the debate studio to reporters (why wasn't this allowed in the first place?  VERY strange!) because, and I quote, they believe there may be a "medical emergency" involving one of the Presidential Candidates!


Take a look:

Now the most natural thought of course would be Joe Biden....

Does he have a heart attack from too many amphetamines?

Could he literally die on stage?

Or....going even darker and thinking about President Trump.....we have a closed off room with no access not even for reporters....God forbid could we have a Abraham Lincoln or John F. Kennedy moment?

Folks, now I'm worried.

And remember this....

They (whoever "They is) always hide what they're going to do in plain sight!

And they always tell you ahead of time what they're going to do.

I don't know why, but I do know in some strange way it seems to be some sort of Law of the Universe that governs "their" behavior.

So did they just tell us what's about to happen?

And is that why this debate is so early this year?

HISTORICALLY, and unprecedentedly, early....

Are we about to see a major campaign-shifting moment where one candidate is no longer in this race after tonight?

Let's hope and pray for peace and safety.

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