Infowars To Be Shut Down And Sold Off

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In an emergency court filing Sunday, a bankruptcy court-appointed trustee said Infowars will be shut down and sold off to help pay off the $1.5 billion lawsuit against Alex Jones.

A bankruptcy judge previously ruled that Jones’ personal assets would be liquidated.

From the Associated Press:

In an “emergency” motion filed Sunday in Houston, trustee Christopher Murray indicated publicly for the first time that he intends to “conduct an orderly wind-down” of the operations of Infowars’ parent company and “liquidate its inventory.” Murray, who was appointed by a federal judge to oversee the assets in Jones’ personal bankruptcy case, did not give a timetable for the liquidation.

Jones has been saying on his web and radio shows that he expects Infowars to operate for a few more months before it is shut down because of the bankruptcy. But he has vowed to continue his bombastic broadcasts in some other fashion, possibly on social media. He also had talked about someone else buying the company and allowing him to continue his shows as an employee.

Murray also asked U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Christopher Lopez to put an immediate hold on the Sandy Hook families’ efforts to collect the massive amount Jones owes them. Murray said those efforts would interfere with his plans to close the parent company, Free Speech Systems in Austin, Texas, and sell off its assets — with much of the proceeds going to the families.

Per CNN:

In a statement, Christopher Mattei, an attorney for Sandy Hook families from Connecticut who were in favor of liquidating the company, said “this is precisely the unfortunate situation that the Connecticut families hoped to avoid when we argued that the Free Speech Systems/InfoWars case should have remained with the bankruptcy court rather than being dismissed.”

“The Connecticut families are disappointed by this attempt to undercut the orderly and long overdue wind down of Alex Jones’ InfoWars platform,” Mattei said, referring to the attempt by one set of parents to go after FSS assets. “From the beginning, they have led with dignity toward a resolution that is fair for every family and are grateful that the Chapter 7 Trustee has already filed a motion – with which eight of the nine families agree – supporting an equitable distribution of the FSS assets.”

Jones, who had earlier this month celebrated the judge’s ruling not to liquidate Infowars’ parent company, has acknowledged Infowars would likely only continue broadcasting for a few more months.

“I’m going to try to move forward and maximize the amount of money we can make at Infowars to then have a wind-down,” Jones said outside the courthouse after the hearing dismissing his company’s liquidation.

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