Boeing 737 Makes Emergency Landing After Engine Emits Sparks After Take-Off

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A Boeing 737-800 operated by Malaysia Airlines made an emergency landing in India after having an engine problem shortly after take-off.

The airplane aborted its route from Hyderabad, India, to Malaysia due to the engine malfunction.

“According to the Malaysian flag carrier, the plane was rerouted back to the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad for an emergency landing,” Malay Mail reports.

Flight MH199 carried 138 passengers and crew.

Video footage shows sparks emitted from one of the plane’s engines.


Malay Mail reports:

Malaysia Airlines later confirmed that all passengers and crew landed safely back at the airport.

“Affected passengers will be reallocated to other flights for their continued journey. The aircraft is currently on the ground for further inspection,” it said in a statement.

The Malaysia Airlines flight departed from Hyderabad 15 minutes behind schedule at 12.30am local time, before landing back at the airport around 20 minutes later, according to information from flight tracking website

Per Fox Business:

Boeing’s 737 line of jets has become notorious in recent years for accidents and defects.

On Wednesday, relatives of victims who were killed in two separate plane crashes involving Boeing 737 MAX planes five years ago asked the Department of Justice (DOJ) to fine the company the maximum amount under the law and to prosecute the former executives that were in charge at the time.

An attorney representing 15 families who lost loved ones that died in the crashes of Lion Air Flight 610 or Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 sent a letter to the DOJ that requested Boeing face a $24.78 billion fine and that the corporate officials allegedly responsible face criminal charges — including former Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg, who resigned in December 2019.

Lion Air Flight 610 crashed into the Java Sea after taking off from Jakarta, Indonesia, in October 2018, and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crashed in Ethiopia minutes after departure months later in March 2019. Both flights involved the Boeing 737 MAX 8 plane, and 346 people were killed between the two crashes.

In 2021, Boeing reached a deferred prosecution agreement with the government that shielded the embattled corporation from criminal prosecution linked to the two fatal crashes, but the Justice Department determined in May that the plane manufacturer breached its obligations under that deal. The DOJ said at the time, “The government is determining how it will proceed in this matter.”

Boeing has faced extreme scrutiny this year for its ‘broken safety culture’ and several whistleblowers have come forward with allegations against the company.

Another whistleblower came forward hours before company CEO Dave Calhoun testified before Congress.

JUST IN: New Boeing Whistleblower Comes Forward, Company CEO Will Soon Testify

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