BREAKING: Buffalo Bills Announce Plan To Help Launch “National Gay Football League”

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Yes, I know this sounds like I just got hooked by a satire post, but I didn’t.

This is real.

And I’ll prove it to you.

The Buffalo Bills have just announced they are helping to launch the “National Gay Flag Football League” (the NGFFL).

Take a look:

While many posts refer to the Buffalo Bills helping to “launch” the NGFFL, the League is actually 20+ years old, being founded in 2002.

And yes, they have a website which lists the following on their About Us page:

Founded in 2002, the National Gay Flag Football League (NGFFL) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit sports organization that seeks to promote the positive social and athletic enjoyment of American flag football. Through our league, our events, and most importantly our members, we foster and cultivate the self-respect of all LGBTQ+ people and promote respect, acceptance and understanding from the larger community.

OUR MISSION is to build an inclusive and empowering community through celebrating diversity, athleticism, and sportsmanship. We provide a safe space for individuals of all backgrounds to share their passion for flag football, promoting equality both on and off the field. Our league breaks down barriers, challenges stereotypes, and fosters an environment where everyone feels valued. Through sports, we empower individuals, foster connections, and contribute to LGBTQ+ rights. Join us in championing diversity and equality, leaving a lasting impact on sports and society.

We believe that no one shall be excluded from participating on the basis of sexual orientation, gender and gender identity, race, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, political beliefs, athletic ability, physical challenge, HIV status or gender identity.

OUR VISION is to be the premier organization for LGBTQ+ individuals to safely experience the positive and developmental aspects of participation in team sports.

From their website, their premier Competitions include the following:

Gee, how many of the 7 Deadly Sins can you fit into one League?

Come on fellas (and ladies)….get a few more in there, you can do it!

How about the Sloth Bowl?

Or the Envy Encounter?

Step your game up!

I told you it’s real, and here’s more on the new Buffalo Bills announcement from Fox News:

The Buffalo Bills announced plans to financially support the city’s upcoming National Gay Flag Football League (NGFFL) chapter.

The organization expressed excitement about the NFL franchise’s support. Buffalo is expected to be the 28th city that has a NGFFL team.

“We are thrilled to bring inclusive flag football to Buffalo with the support of the Buffalo Bills. This exciting addition joins 27 other cities, and over 4,000 players, including straight allies, in the National Gay Flag Football League,” NGFFL Commissioner Joel Horton said in a statement.

Several other NFL teams have previously backed the NFFGL, including the Chicago Bears, Arizona Cardinals, New York Giants, New York Jets, Washington Commanders and others.

The NGFFL has been around for more than two decades. Details about the team that is set to soon begin competing in Buffalo are expected to be released at a later date.

Here is a small showing of the 250 Member Teams in the NGFFL:

Yahoo Sports had the following:

The Bills said this partnership is a game-changer in introducing LGBTQ+ organized football to Buffalo. By joining the ranks of other supportive NFL teams like the New York Giants, New England Patriots, New York Jets, Miami Dolphins, Arizona Cardinals, Chicago Bears, Washington Commanders, and Seattle Seahawks, the Buffalo Bills are helping to make our expanding league even more inclusive.

“Our mission is to unite the community through the spirit of competition while celebrating our diversity. By fostering an environment where everyone is welcome, we aim to build a stronger, more inclusive Buffalo. Together, with the backing of the Buffalo Bills, we are creating a space where all individuals can participate, compete, and thrive,” Horton continued.

The NGFFL, established in 2002, has been steadily expanding into major cities across the U.S.

“We are excited to join the NFL and other Clubs across the league in their support of the NGFFL,” Buffalo Bills Vice President of Community Impact, Michelle Roberts said, per the press release. “Through our sponsorship, we are looking forward to expanding the impact of the NGFFL in our community.”

NGFFL Sparks Controversy

After hearing the news, many sports fans bashed the National Gay Flag Football League, with some even thinking the news was a joke.

“This is a joke, right?” one X user asked.

“They will fail faster than CNN+,” another claimed.

“This one of your wildest drops ever,” a third X user expressed.

“We’re all sick of it,” one social media user wrote after hearing the news.

The Backlash Continues…

Thousands more comments came pouring in, slamming the NFL for their decision to sponsor the National Gay Flag Football League.

“Stop this weak and gay sh-t being shoved down our throats,” one sports fan expressed.

While another X user asked, “Soo… I have Questions. How do you prove that you are gay? Is there a test? Are straight people allowed to play too?”

Someone else asked, “Isn’t it illegal to discriminate based on sexual preference?”

So I just have one question….

Why does the Far Left constantly seek to segregate people off into all these divisive groups?

Gays aren’t banned from the NFL.

Why do they need their own League?

Isn’t this wildly prejudicial and segregationist?

Isn’t this exactly what we’re trying to get away from?

Shouldn’t we just have one football League and all are welcome

Can you image if the NFL rebranded itself as the National STRAIGHT Football League?

Preposterous, right?

Isn’t this the exact same thing?

Oh wait, I forgot….

It’s perfectly fine to discriminate against STRAIGHT, WHITE, MALE, CHRISTIANS, just not anything else.

Got it, my bad!

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