Scottish Political Staffer Who Threatened Violence Against Women Critical Of Gender Ideology Convicted Of Sexually Assaulting Six People

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A former Scottish National Party (SNP) Equalities Officer who threatened to “beat the f**ck out of some TERFs and transphobes” has been convicted of sexually assaulting six young adults. Cameron Downing, 24, who uses “he” and “they” pronouns, was arrested this week and faces sentencing at the High Court in Edinburgh on July 16. Downing’s lawyer, Michael Meehan, asked the court for bail prior to sentencing, which was denied by Judge Alison Stirling.

During his trial, Downing denied wrongdoing and instead claimed that he was dealing with poor mental health when the crimes occurred. Jurors deliberated his verdict for two days. Downing was handcuffed and taken to a jail cell after the verdict was announced.

Reduxx first reported on Downing’s violent threats when he was elected to the SNP in September of 2022. In addition to threatening violence against women critical of gender ideology, Downing also received backlash for posting that he “fucking hate[d] women who advocate for single-sex spaces.”

Downing’s sex crimes spanned a period of several years. According to the court, his criminal conduct began when he was just 16 and continued until early 2023.

During a police investigation into his crimes, it was discovered that Downing had also blackmailed one of his sexual assault victims by telling the young man that if he refused sex, Downing would make a false report of rape to police.

“You should want that with all your f*****g being because the alternative is losing me from your life and most likely facing a court case for RAPING me,” he wrote to the victim.

He continued by telling the young man that he would tell his friends, family, and employer that he was a “rapist” if he refused Downing’s advances. The victim is now 22 years old.

Downing abused males and females, and one female victim said that Downing began to abuse her when she was still a teenager.

She told the court that she was intoxicated at a party when Downing encouraged her to take a shower, after which she had no recollection of what happened, but that she awoke in a bed, covered in bruises. She said that Downing later denied touching her, claiming gay and wouldn’t want to “look at [her] saggy t**s anyway.”

Downing is set to attend a sentencing hearing next month.

Beloved author and women’s rights advocate JK Rowling expressed a lack of surprise at Downing’s convictions on social media.

“Amazing, the way men who proudly proclaim that they want to harm people turn out to really enjoy harming people. Almost like there’s a connection,” wrote Rowling on X (formerly Twitter). 

Downing is not the first person the SNP has employed who was later found to have expressed contempt for those who advocate for women’s sex-based rights.

In 2022, the SNP came under fire after having hiring a trans-identified male, Alexandria Adamson, as their Learning Disabilities Officer

Shortly after his appointment, video began circulating of Adamson screaming repeatedly at a woman during a demonstration in Edinburgh in September of 2021.

During the incident, female protesters had gathered to demand the SNP and the Scottish Green Party protect women’s sex based rights in law. The women were carrying signs reading “save our single-sex spaces” and “sex not gender.” Adamson, while using a walker, was caught on film abruptly charging at one of the women and hurling slurs in her face.

Shortly after his hiring was announced, internet sleuths began searching through Adamson’s Twitter account and found a number of disturbing posts. Adamson referred to women’s rights activists as “evil TERFs,” and had called former Prime Minister Liz Truss a “demon” and a “bitch” who had to be “put to death.”

Adamson’s role within the SNP was reportedly suspended following additional threats he issued at Tory leadership candidate Rishi Sunak.

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