“Antifascist” Trans-Identified Male Arrested For Possession Of Child Pornography Two Times In Four Months

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A trans-identified male in Wisconsin is facing five counts of felony child pornography possession after local authorities were tipped off by the nation’s top child safeguarding organization. Clayton William Solberg, also known as Sofie Solberg, was first arrested in December of 2023, but was found with even more child sexual abuse material while out on bond.

Solberg, 22 and of Galesville, was first apprehended by Trempealeau County deputies on December 27, 2023, after the Sheriff’s office received a cyber-tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). He was charged with two counts of possession of child pornography, and was booked in the Trempealeau County jail. On January 3, he was released on a $2,500 cash bond.

Clayton William Solberg. Reduxx is withholding the source of the photo to protect the suspect’s relatives.

Among the conditions of his bond was that Solberg was not to have contact with minors or vulnerable adults, which the court noted included “those where defendant was previously residing.” Solberg was also prohibited from accessing the internet and having any devices which could connect to the internet.

But not long after being released from jail pending trial, the NCMEC became aware of a Dropbox baring Solberg’s “feminine” name which was transferring child sexual abuse material. The account was registered to an address in the City of Galesville.

A meme from Solberg’s Instagram account in which he jokes about being in possession of child pornography, made years before he was arrested for being in possession of child pornography.

A search warrant was executed on Solberg’s Google Photos account which found several more videos and images of child sexual abuse.

On May 7, Trempealeau County deputies raided Solberg’s home and found three devices capable of connecting the internet, which were prohibited under the conditions of Solberg’s January bond. The man was once again arrested, and this time his bond was set by the court at $20,000.

Solberg posted bond this past Wednesday, June 12. He is prohibited from possessing any device that can connect to the internet, prohibited from accessing the internet, and is to have no contact with minors.

Solberg had a lengthy and prolific social media presence which went dark just days before his arrest in December.

On Reddit, he went by the name Sofie Fordo, which was the same handle associated with the Dropbox where child sexual abuse material was found. That name has since been registered into the court system as one of his aliases.

Calling himself “Slutty Step Sister,” Solberg primarily posted memes to various Reddit communities, including ones dedicated to LGBT issues, transgender gamers, and self-identified lesbians. One of his most frequented boards required all users to align with the ideology of anti-fascism, “All Cops Are Bastards,” and Black Lives Matter.

Solberg also posted multiple lewd photos of his micropenis and male breast tissue to various pornographic communities, including r/dykesgonewild, r/FtMsex, r/FtMsPunished, r/SmallPenisHumiliation, and r/19_sex.

He maintained an OnlyFans where he re-posted much of the same content to a small handful of subscribers who were paying $4.99 per month.

Solberg’s Instagram presence featured a similar theme as his Reddit account, with hundreds of memes and short videos being posted, most of which utilized female characters drawn in the style of Japanese animation with captions related to transgenderism, sex, or video games.

Some of Solberg’s content was explicitly political and called for violence against Republicans and police officers.

One 2018 post featured a photo of a man wearing an Antifa-logo shirt punching a bruised woman in the face. The photo was captioned “53% of white women voted for a fascist. #punchawhitewoman,” an apparent reference to the percent of white American females who voted for Donald Trump in the last election.

Solberg is next expected to appear in court on July 10, and is facing a total of 5 counts of felony child pornography possession, plus one count of bail jumping.

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