GERMANY: Transgender Sex Offender Who Posed As Police Officer Placed In Women’s Prison

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Reduxx has been made aware that a male sex offender who identifies as transgender was quietly placed in a women’s prison in Germany to serve his sentence. Ömer, who has been referred to in media as “Lara K.,” is currently serving a 7-year prison sentence for aggravated robbery and extortion, and is standing trial on additional charges of possessing child sexual abuse material and impersonating a police officer.

Court deliberations which have been ongoing since the beginning of June reveal that the 27-year-old is requesting state-funded “gender reassignment surgery,” but was already sent to an undisclosed women’s prison in North Rhine-Westphalia, despite retaining male genitalia.

Ömer was first sentenced in 2014 to three years and three months in prison for an undisclosed sexual offense, for which he was placed under the supervision of the Spree State Criminal Police Office (Landeskriminalamtes Spree), a center for offender-oriented prevention for sex offenders at risk of reoffending. While the details of the conviction are limited, it is known the case included “massive violence” and rape.

After serving his sentence, Ömer was caught in 2017 participating in a police operation in Neukölln while impersonating a police officer. Ömer had spent a large amount of money collecting components for police uniform, and had even utilized a police-authorized merchant to buy official patches and gear. It is unclear why he was not prosecuted and jailed at the time.

In August of 2019, Ömer was caught once again while impersonating a police officer while assisting his “colleagues” arrest a man in Hardenbergplatz. It was later learned that he had participated in multiple police operations between April and August of that year, and had even issued warnings to civilians for breaking bylaws. It would later be revealed that child sexual abuse material was also found on his phone.

Around the same time, he began identifying as a “woman,” and requested the court refer to him using feminine pronouns.

But once again, Ömer was released on his own recognizance pending a future court date, giving him the opportunity to commit even more crime. This time, he began robbing people at ATMs as they withdrew money, using a knife to threaten them into giving him their cash.

In 2021, he was convicted for the armed ATM robberies, and sentenced to 7 years in prison. Though currently incarcerated, Ömer will be standing trial on the remainder of his charges from 2019, including impersonating an officer and possessing child pornography.

While Ömer has admitted to the impersonation charges, he is denying the possession charge and claiming he has “no idea” how the images were downloaded to his phone.

His trial continues this week.

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