FDA Has Recalled Nearly 30 Drinks This Year

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recalled 28 beverages this year for containing harmful ingredients.

“All but four (86 percent) of the 28 were recalled because they contained something the company had not declared – including drugs, bacteria and harmful chemicals,” the Daily Mail revealed.

Mario Nawfal listed some of the recalled drinks, which include:

  • Martinelli’s Apple Juice containing arsenic.
  • Fiji Water contaminated with bacteria and manganese.
  • Charles Boggini Company’s drinks containing food dyes linked to cancer.

Daily Mail reports:

A tea sold for pain relief was recalled for containing anti-inflammatory medication that was not included on the label, while apple juice was recalled for containing high levels of arsenic, a toxic metal linked to an increased risk of bladder and skin cancers.

These incidents come after multiple soda products and flavorings were also recalled for containing undeclared dangerous food dyes, including one that can cause cancer.

The biggest beverage recall of the year so far was Fiji Water.

Some 1.9million bottles of the water, made by Natural Waters of Viti Limited, were recalled due to manganese and three types of bacteria detected in the water.

According to the CDC, manganese is a mineral the body needs to stay healthy, but at high levels it can cause damage to the brain.

The incident was categorized as a Class III health hazard, which means the bottled waters were ‘not likely to cause adverse health consequences.’

Dr Darin Detwiler, former FDA and USDA advisor and food safety expert at Northeastern University in Boston, told new drinks can end up going out onto the market very quickly without proper checks being done.

“There are a lot of drinks that have been scrutinized of late and a lot of it has to do with labeling and undeclared ingredients,” Dr. Detwiler told the outlet.


The New York Post provided a list of recalled beverages:

The FDA faces pressure to crack down on food and beverage companies, Detwiler explained.

Here’s a list of some of the beverages recalled so far this year:

  1. Schweppes Zero Sugar Gingerale
  2. PepsiCo’s Mug Root Beer
  3. Martinelli’s Apple Juice
  4. Natural Waters of Viti Limited’s Fiji Water
  5. Charles Boggini Company’s Cola Flavoring Base
  6. Charles Boggini Company’s Pink Lemonade
  7. Charles Boggini Company’s Yellow Lemonade
  8. Charles Boggini Company’s Yellow Lemonade X
  9. The Wiedemann Company’s Tapee Tea
  10. Rise Brewing Organic Original Oat Milk
  11. Rise Brewing Organic Vanilla Oat Milk
  12. Nordic Naturals Baby’s Vitamin D3 Liquid
  13. Barsotti Organic Carrot Juice
  14. Trader Joe’s 100% Juice Organic Carrot Juice
  15. Powerade Zero Mixed Berry
  16. Powerade Zero Fruit Punch
  17. Powerade Mountain Berry Blast
  18. Waiakea Hawaiin Volcanic Water
  19. Enfamil Nutramigen Hypoallergenic Infant Formula Powder
  20. House of Coffee Beans bags
  21. Longreen Reishi Coffee
  22. Longreen Cordyceps coffee
  23. Xlim Express Coffee
  24. Yogi Echinacea Immune Support Tea
  25. Sammy’s Milk Goat Milk Toddler Formula
  26. Enfamil Nutramigen Hypoallergenic Infant Formula Powder
  27. Crecelac Powdered Goat Milk Infant Formula
  28. Mt.Capra Goat Milk Formula Recipe Kit

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