Why Is Brittney Griner Walking Around Topless and Sounding Like a Man?

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Since the WNBA is hot right now and I can’t turn on the news without seeing a story about Caitlyn Clark, I thought we should talk some WNBA too!

But I don’t want to talk about Caitlyn Clark or all the thugs that keep trying to injure her in the games….

And I definitely don’t want to talk about the actual basketball.

No, what I want to talk about is Brittney Griner and “her” voice….HOLY CRAP!

Have you ever heard “her” talk before?

No, I’m not just being rude or insensitive, I’m literally asking if you have ever heard “her” talk.

Because it’s very jarring!

All I can say when I hear it is:

If you’re like me and you’ve never listened to her speak before, you might be just as shocked as I was to hear this.

Understand one thing…..

The video I am about to show you has not been altered in any way.  This is her real speaking voice.

Just watch and listen and then watch and listen again with your eyes closed:


I know some of you will say “who cares” so I’ll address that.

I care.

I care if someone blatantly lies to the entire country.

I care if someone pretends to be a woman so that person can play women’s sports and beat up on bio women.

I care if that person breaks a law in another country and we have to trade real and dangerous prisoner to get them back (why did we do that again?).

So it matters.

Truth always matters.

And now for those people who will say that video is edited or altered, I’ll give you a bunch more all showing that deep, billowy, manly voice:

But that’s not all….

Not only does dude sound like a man, dude also LOOKS like a man and walks around shirtless.

I don’t care how “flat chested” a lady may be, I’ve never known an adult women who walks around topless.

Have you?

Take a look:

Backup here:

I asked Grok if Brittney Griner was a man and Grok said no, but then claimed she was a “lesbian” married twice to women:

Hmmmm, what if she’s just a man married to a woman?

What does Occam’s Razor tell us?

The simplest answer is usually the right one.

So let’s apply it here….

The person LOOKS like a man, SOUNDS like a man, and has been married twice to a woman.

What is most likely….

Option 1 — a very strange sounding woman who has no breasts to speak of who is a lesbian married to women.

Option 2 — dude is a dude.

What does everyone think?

I’m not making any claim, just asking questions and reporting what I see with my eyes and hear with my ears….

This dude Chris May seems to be piecing things together:

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