Horrific Tornado Outbreak Kills At Least A Dozen, Injures Hundreds Across Multiple States

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A vicious tornado outbreak across multiple states has reportedly killed over a dozen people and injured hundreds more.

Communities in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas witnessed catastrophic damage.

“The storms inflicted their worst damage in a region spanning from north of Dallas to the northwest corner of Arkansas,” the Associated Press reports.

FOX Weather reports Texas experienced its deadliest tornado in state history since 2015.

The powerful twister struck Cooke County, Texas, where at least seven people reportedly died.

The victims included two children, ages 2 and 5, and three family members inside one home.


Terrifying footage shows the moment the tornado struck a gas station and trapped people inside.

“Watch as New terrifying footage captured by storm chaser @ConnerStinesWx Along with his sister shows the extent terrifying moment when a large damaging and deadly tornado hitting a truck stop / shell gas station while they were inside where police scanners first reported a mass casualty event as reportedly 150 people were trapped inside the building according to storm chaser Connor he said they were driving on I-35 in Valley View Texas as we drove to the truck stop / gas station,” Rawsalerts wrote.

“We pulled into the gas station so that I could look at radar, and then we took shelter immediately then the tornado multiple homes and buildings have been significantly damage along with numerous vehicles being flipped over or destroyed so far 7 people along with two children have been killed from this tornado in north Texas along with multiple other injuries,” the post added.


“This is terrifying video from inside the Valley View gas station as Saturday night’s tornado traveled through Cooke County, TX. Dozens of people huddled in the bathrooms/hallway. Everyone inside the gas station survived, per the sheriff,” FOX 4 reporter Peyton Yager said.


FOX Weather reports:

A tornado outbreak produced dozens of damage reports across America’s Heartland from Texas to Missouri, including more than 20 tornado reports.

A deadly twister from the severe thunderstorms struck along the Denton-Cooke county lines on Interstate 35.

Cooke County Sheriff Ray Sappington said in a news conference that at least seven people were killed and dozens were injured near Valley View.

Many of the injuries were reported at an AP Travel Stop and Shell station, where dozens of people attempted to seek shelter from the twister.

The tornado produced widespread destruction as it moved through northern Denton County late Saturday night. According to county officials, damage to homes, overturned RVs, and downed power lines were reported in the area.

Significant damage was reported at Lake Ray Roberts Marina and RVs.

The sheriff said a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old were found Sunday morning among the deceased.


From the Associated Press:

Storms also killed two people and destroyed houses in Oklahoma, where the injured included guests at an outdoor wedding, and five people in Arkansas. Tens of thousands of residents were without power across the region.

In Texas, about 100 people were injured and more than 200 homes and structures destroyed, said Abbott, sitting in front of a ravaged truck stop near the small agricultural community of Valley View. The area was among the hardest-hit, with winds reaching an estimated 135 mph (217 kph), officials said.

“The hopes and dreams of Texas families and small businesses have literally been crushed by storm after storm,” said Abbott, whose state has seen successive bouts of severe weather, including storms that killed eight people in Houston.

Hugo Parra, who lives in Farmers Branch, north of Dallas, said he rode out the storm with 40 to 50 people in the bathroom of the truck stop. The storm sheared the roof and walls off the building, mangling metal beams and leaving battered cars in the parking lot.

“A firefighter came to check on us and he said, ‘You’re very lucky,’” Parra said. “The best way to describe this is the wind tried to rip us out of the bathrooms.”

Multiple people were transported to hospitals by ambulance and helicopter in Denton County, also north of Dallas.

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