UPDATE: Joe Biden Still Not Qualified For The General Election Ballot In Ohio — “No Legally Acceptable Remedy”

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Two months ago, we were one of the first news outlets to bring you the report that Joe Biden may be left off the ballot in Ohio.

Here is that report:

BREAKING: Joe Biden Might Be Left Off The General Election Ballot In Ohio! (Source: ABC News)

It turns out our reporting was spot on, and the update even as we stand here on May 23, 2024 is that Joe Biden is STILL not qualified for the General Election Ballot in Ohio.

Check this out:

Oh the irony!

Watch MSNPC freaking out:

Of course we all know Ohio is a key swing state and has a large number of electoral votes.

But I didn't know just how big of a role it has historically played.

Check this out:

Ohio currently has 17 Electoral Votes, which accounts for approximately 3.16% of the total 538 Electoral Votes in the U.S. Electoral College.

Importance of Ohio in Presidential Elections

  1. Swing State: Ohio is known as a swing state, meaning it does not consistently vote for a single party and can be won by either major party. This makes Ohio a critical battleground during presidential campaigns.
  2. Historical Influence: Ohio has a strong track record of voting for the winning candidate in presidential elections. Since 1964, Ohio has voted for the eventual winner in every election except for 2020. This consistency underscores its importance as an indicator of national sentiment.
  3. Electoral Vote Count: With 17 Electoral Votes, Ohio holds a significant share, making it one of the larger swing states. Winning Ohio can provide a substantial boost towards the 270 Electoral Votes needed to win the presidency.

Key Roles in Past Elections

  1. 1992: Bill Clinton won Ohio, contributing to his overall victory and breaking a Republican winning streak in the state.
  2. 2000: George W. Bush won Ohio, which was crucial in his narrow victory over Al Gore.
  3. 2004: Ohio was particularly pivotal. George W. Bush's victory in Ohio secured his re-election, as losing Ohio would have cost him the presidency.
  4. 2008 and 2012: Barack Obama won Ohio in both elections, which was instrumental in his back-to-back victories.
  5. 2016: Donald Trump won Ohio by a significant margin, which was part of his successful strategy to flip several traditionally Democratic states.
  6. 2020: Joe Biden won the presidency without Ohio, marking a notable exception to Ohio's historical trend as a predictor of the overall winner.

I found #2 fascinating, saying that since 1964, Ohio has selected the eventual winner EVERY TIME except for 2020.

And perhaps history will prove the streak was indeed intact through 2020 (if you catch my drift)?

But it's not just news reports claiming Biden is at risk of being left off the Ohio ballot.

The man in charge of the entire process, the Ohio Secretary of State, Frank LaRose, just posted this:

I’ve said from here to Colorado that it’s in the best interest of voters to have a choice in the race for president. I’m also duty-bound to follow the law as Ohio’s chief elections officer.

As it stands today, the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee will not be on the Ohio ballot. That is not my choice. It’s due to a conflict in the law created by the party, and the party has so far offered no legally acceptable remedy.

The Ohio House speaker said today there won’t be a legislative solution, so I’ve sent a letter to
chair seeking (again) a solution that upholds the law and respects the voters. I trust they’ll act quickly.

Here's a zoom in on his letter:

So...what will most likely happen?

Even if the Democrats missed their deadline and are not legally entitled to be on the ballot, will the Republicans cave?

This guy says yes, of course they will -- and I don't disagree with him:

The Republicans won't want to win with a cloud over the election.

And President Trump himself (who is far from weak) I assume will want to win fair and square and by a large margin without any hint of unfairness, so that he can claim a historic, massive mandate.

So I do suspect this will ultimately get resolved.

We will continue to monitor the situation and bring you updates.

Here was our original report from two months ago:

BREAKING: Joe Biden Might Be Left Off The General Election Ballot In Ohio! (Source: ABC News)

Well, well, well.

Is this a case of reaping and sowing?

We've all see how the Democrats have been relentless in trying to remove Trump from the ballots across the nation.

And now we Biden might not make it on Ohio's ballot? Ha!

Turns out there's "an apparent conflict in Ohio law" between the Democratic National Committee and a deadline from the Secretary of State's office regarding a presidential nominee being certified.

Let's hope this slip up happens in many states!

ABC News reports:

There could be potential general election ballot access concerns for President Joe Biden in Ohio, the state's Secretary of State's office said in a letter to Ohio Democratic Chair Liz Walters on Friday.

In the letter, obtained by ABC News, legal counsel for Secretary of State Frank LaRose sought clarification for "an apparent conflict in Ohio law" between the Democratic National Committee's nominating process and the deadline by which the party's presidential nominee must be certified to the Secretary of State's office.

The Democratic National Convention is scheduled to convene on Aug. 19, which will take place more than a week after the Aug. 7 deadline to certify a presidential candidate in Ohio, the office flagged according to state code, which would create a problem for Biden's eligibility.

"I am left to conclude that the Democratic National Committee must either move up its nominating convention or the Ohio General Assembly must act by May 9, 2024 (90 days prior to a new law's effective date) to create an exception to this statutory requirement," legal counsel Paul Disantis wrote in the letter, requesting a quick response on a solution to become compliant with state law.

So the question is, who do the Democrats have lined up to take the Biden's place?

And when will that person take center stage in this political circus?

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