WOKE Influencer Accidentally Creates The Best TRUMP Ad!

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This is absolutely classic!

A “woke influencer” (the lady in the blue hat in the video below) apparently uploaded a video about all the “bad things” Trump would do if he gets back into office in 2024.

The only problem?

To paraphrase the Bible: “But as for you, you meant evil against Trump; but God meant it for good.”

In other words….this lady thought she was really burning Trump bad with this video, but it turns out the video is now going viral and basically serving as the Best PRO-TRUMP ad out there!


Watch for yourself here:

Backup video here:

The comments are absolutely awesome too:

And in case you can’t listen right now, here is the full transcript:

this lady right here just made the
greatest Trump advertisement of all time
you got to check this out here are the
first 15 promises he has made if he is reelected

you may have heard of project
2025 but this is from agenda 47 and you
can read all of these on his website
first he promises that he will carry out

the largest domestic deportation
operation in history get out he will
also ask for the death sentence for
anyone convicted of human trafficking he

will close the Department of Education
and return all education standards to
the states to decide he will put prayer
back into school and he will criminalize

any race based Advantage Programs he
will end the Affordable Care Act he will
ban gender affirming care for adults and
children and he will ban any federal

dollars from going towards gender
affirming care which means anyone with
government provided Health Care will no
longer be able to access gender

affirming care except for Viagra and
Calis those will still be
available he will propose a
constitutional amendment that gives a

term limit to Congress he will deploy
the Department of Justice to investigate
the Biden crime family and any of his
adversaries or political Rivals let’s go

Brandon I agree he will immediately
pardon all of the January 6ers and he
will create a task force to investigate
anyone who arrested charged or

imprisoned a January 6er he will
increase the penalties for underage
criminal offenders strengthen immunity
for police officers and deploy the

National Guard to patrol woke cities on
day one he will reassess our
participation in NATO and and says that
every European country needs to pay the

United States for protection he will
also restore the wonderful travel ban
for Muslims Coming to America he will
build Freedom cities this is 10 new

cities built on Federal Land he will
award them to areas with the best
development proposals and he will
prioritize moving young families to

these Freedom cities you son of a beitch
I mean he will kill all e vehicles and E
vehicle legislation seeking to replace
that with the development of a flying

car he believes that we could create a
car that vertically takes off he will
remove all of the limits on American
Natural Gas exports and drill baby drill

for oil domestically he will impose a
tariff of up to 60% on Chinese Imports
he will extend the 2017 tax cuts and
drop the corporate tax rate from 21% to

15% he will push Congress to pass
legislation that would give every
American the right to concealed carry
anywhere at any time and he will revoke

any gun restrictions or legislation that
seeks to inhibit people’s ability to own
guns that’s been passed in the last
several years he will demand that Europe

pay back all the money we gave Ukraine
and then he will use all of that money
to recruit for the American Military and
he will take billions and billions of

dollars from private university
endowments by taxing fining and suing
the universities he specifically names
Harvard in this one and then he will use

that money to create the American
Academy it is a free online college that
will be free of wokeness that he will
force employers to recognize as a

bachelor’s degree equivalent so that’s
agenda 47 I don’t know what part of that
was supposed to be bad but I’m in I mean
it’s time we stop giving out free

handouts to all these people who don’t
contribute to this country because the
path that we’re on right now is not
sustainable and we are not going to be a

country if we keep going down this path
Trump knows this that’s why he’s doing a
sharp right turn putting us right back
on track we don’t need a politician in

all right now we need a businessman who
knows how to get things done that’s
exactly what he is but yeah if you guys
enjoy this make sure to smash a like

comment subscribe and yeah I wish you
guys nothing but the best till next time

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