MUST SEE: Vivek Absolutely NAILS It — Trump Is Gagged, But Vivek Isn’t and He Just Let Loose!

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I had my reservations about Vivek when he first came onto the scene….

I still have a few doubts about his history with his startups in the Biotech world, but I have to say he has almost entirely won me over in the past several months.

He’s clear headed….

He’s MAGA….

He’s a fighter….

And he can articulate his position better than almost anyone.

So I’m on Team Vivek and I still think he’d make a great VP.

Because the person backing up Trump can’t be a weak noodle.

They have to be 100% MAGA and they have to be a fierce fighter.

Vivek fills those roles.

The only other person who truly fills those is Kari Lake.

So those are my top two VP choices and my heir-apparents after Trump is done in 2028.

Perhaps Matt Gaetz is a close #3.

Sure there are some other great Governors like Noem, DeSantis, Abbott, Reynolds, Burgum and others, but they don’t necessarily have the same level of FIGHT and GRIT and TOUGHNESS and MAGA that I see in Vivek.

And he just proved it again, standing outside the Courthouse and absolutely letting loose with probably everything President Trump wishes he could say but can’t say right now due to an Unconstitutional Gag Order.

Watch this, it’s incredible:

Backup here:


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