Politicians Flock To NYC To Stand Side-By-Side With Donald Trump And Support Him During At Trial

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Something new and encouraging happened today….

Suddenly, politicians started showing up in New York City.

It looks like some very big name people have all decided that they don’t want to just TALK about supporting President Trump or TWEET about supporting President Trump…, they’re making a public showing of traveling to New York City and standing side-by-side President Trump in a visual showing on strength and support.

And I absolutely love it!

I hope it catches on and we go from a handful of politicians to dozens or even hundreds of politicians, celebrities, sports figures, or anyone of any kind of fame or notoriety and just flood the City with a clear visual showing that WE THE PEOPLE support this man and we do not stand for this sham trial.

The first man I saw doing this today was Sen. JD Vance:

Then it was Sen. Tommy Tuberville:

Tommy, I love it but one small correction even to what you said….

Yes, the title needs to show respect.

But in my entire life, I NEVER heard the Media ever refer to “FORMER President _____”.

It was always still “President _____” even after he was long out of office.

I remember being a kid and asking someone why that was and they said it’s to show respect for the office.  It’s such a small club and such a big accomplishment to become President that it’s a title you hold for the rest of your life.

So with all due respect to Sen. Tuberville, I appreciate your sentiment but I do not want them saying “Former President Trump”…..

The correct way to address this man as we sit here in May 2024 is “President Trump”.


Ok, rant over.

Next up we had Vivek announcing he was coming tomorrow:

Here’s more from Fox News:

Vivek Ramaswamy, the multimillionaire former biotech executive and former presidential candidate, will join former President Donald Trump Tuesday in court.

He will spend the entire day with Trump as the former president’s criminal trial continues, a spokesperson for Ramaswamy confirmed to Fox News Digital.

“The best proof that the Trump trial is a sham: if DJT had done the exact *opposite* of the alleged crime, they’d still be prosecuting him & have an even stronger case,” Ramaswamy said in a statement.

I love this new trend and I hope we can see it EXPLODE in the coming days.


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