Donald Trump Dominates Tuesday GOP Primaries

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President Trump scored easy victories in Tuesday’s GOP primaries.

Trump solidified his position as the Republican presidential nominee, securing victory in the Connecticut and Rhode Island GOP primaries.


Trump also notched victories in the New York and Wisconsin primaries.

From the Associated Press:

Voters in four states weighed in Tuesday on their parties’ presidential nominees, a largely symbolic vote now that both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have locked up the Democratic and Republican nominations.

Biden and Trump easily won primaries in Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and Wisconsin, adding to their delegate hauls for their party conventions this summer.

Their victories, while hardly surprising, nevertheless offer clues about enthusiasm among base voters for the upcoming 2020 rematch that has left a majority of Americans underwhelmed. Biden has faced opposition from activists encouraging Democrats to vote against him to send a message of disapproval for his handling of the war between Israel and Hamas, and some Republican Trump critics are still voting for rivals who have dropped out.

“Uncommitted” in Rhode Island and Connecticut was getting a similar share of the Democratic vote as protest campaigns in Minnesota and Michigan, which got 19% and 13% respectively. In Wisconsin, “uninstructed delegation” was getting a smaller share.

Finally, Trump secured the win in the Delaware GOP primary.

The state did not hold votes Tuesday night since only one candidate qualified for the primary.

NBC News noted:

Delaware did not hold votes in the Republican or Democratic primaries because only one candidate qualified for each contest. Donald Trump has secured the delegates needed to win the Republican nomination. Joe Biden has secured the delegates needed to win the Democratic nomination.

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