DEVELOPING: WhatsApp Experiences Worldwide Outages, Facebook & Instagram Reportedly Also Impacted

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“WhatsApp is down worldwide, impacting the 2 billion users of the messaging service,” The Verge reports.

Issues with the Meta-owned messaging service reportedly began around 2 p.m. ET Wednesday.

“Worldwide outages hit Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp,” Chuck Callesto wrote.

“The latest outage comes a little less than a month after Nearly 2.4 million Facebook users around the globe lost access to their accounts. Last months problems appeared on Super Tuesday, an election day where 15 states and one territory hold primary elections and caucuses for the next presidential election,” he continued.

The Verge reports:

WhatsApp doesn’t have its own status page, and it’s not listed on Meta’s own service status, either. You can still send messages, but they won’t be delivered until WhatsApp is back online.

Other Meta services like Facebook, Instagram, and Threads aren’t showing any issues on the status page either, but many people are reporting issues trying to view recent posts or trying to create new posts on the services.

The WhatsApp outage comes just weeks after a massive Meta outage locked users out of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Threads. The outage lasted around two hours but never impacted WhatsApp. It’s rare for WhatsApp to be affected by outages, with the last major outage taking the service offline for two hours in 2022.

From Daily Mail:

A spokesperson for Meta Platforms Inc. reported that ‘major disruptions’ in its ads transparency tools were behind the outages.

The company, according to its status page, is now working to address the issue.

According to DownDetector, a website which monitors such outages, reports of problems on these platforms first began to surface at about 18:00 GMT (14:00 ET).

Users of Facebook’s desktop client in the Dallas and Houston, Texas areas appeared to among the hardest hit, based on the site’s tracking of complaints and reports.

The majority of complaints regarding WhatsApp (percent) and Instagram (percent) pertained to the mobile app versions of these social platforms.

Many users flocked to Elon Musk ‘s X to see if others were experiencing problems.

And, in a post to X, the official account for Meta’s WhatsApp said, ‘We know some people are experiencing issues right now, we’re working on getting things back to 100 percent for everyone as quickly as possible.’

Users mostly said they were unable to send messages, but others reported being unable to receive them. Some users even declared that they could not access the apps at all.

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