Vehicle Crashes Into FBI Security Gate

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A male suspect was arrested after he reportedly rammed his vehicle into the security gate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) office near Atlanta, Georgia.

According to Fox News, the vehicle hit the employee entrance around noon.

The man allegedly tried to follow an authorized vehicle through the gate but was stopped.

“Currently, numerous agencies are on the scene investigating after a male suspect drove his red SUV and smashed into the front security gate at the FBI headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia this afternoon. The suspect was later arrested at the Federal Bureau of Investigation office in Chamblee according to the FBI,” Rawsalerts wrote.

“The man, who was taken into custody, prompted the FBI to state that they could not provide any further details about what led this person to commit the act but assured that there is no concern for public safety,” the post continued.


Per Fox News:

The facility’s barricades were deployed to stop the vehicle. The suspect got out of the vehicle and tried to enter the facility.

The agents in the car he tried to follow in got out as did two other FBI agents who were leaving for lunch and detained the suspect.

The agents called DeKalb County Police who arrested the driver. He was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital for a mental evaluation as well as for possible injuries.

Law enforcement is working to determine the identity of the driver as well as a possible motive.


FOX 5 Atlanta reports:

The two agents called DeKalb County police, who took the man into custody. He has not been identified yet, but FBI Assistant Special Agent in charge Pete Ellis told FOX 5 Atlanta the man was not associated with the facility.

SKYFOX 5 flew over the scene around 2 p.m. where the wrecked vehicle could still be seen at the scene.

Just before 4 p.m., the car was towed away.

FOX 5 Atlanta is working to learn more information about this investigation. So far, officials have confirmed no one was injured.

Agents and bomb techs checked the man’s vehicle, which is standard protocol. The FBI said it was considering both state and federal charges against the man, but has not revealed a possible motive for his actions.

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