How Many Babies Did Biden Sniff Yesterday?

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So, Easter is now over and only one pressing question remains: How many babies did Joe Biden sniff during the Easter Egg Hunt?

Some people call it Easter Sunday….

Some call it Resurrection Sunday….

But Joe Biden calls it one of the best days of the year to sniff little kids!

And he was in rare form yesterday.

How many kids did he sniff at the White House Easter Egg hunt?

It may be impossible to get an exact total count, but let’s start with #1:

Watch as the kid tries to get away.

What parent would do this?

Another angle:

Then he walks over to this one like a homing beacon:

I love this Tweet, claiming the parents put the hood up as a defense:

But my favorite video of all is this one….

Watch as Joe Biden once again gets lost and confused and then goes over to try and chat with the Easter Bunny:

It’s not a real bunny Joe, don’t try to pet it.

And don’t sniff it either.


Bizarre: Biden Spotted Nibbling On Child

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