EXCLUSIVE: Queer S&M “Cutter” Member of Forum Cited by Leading Transgender Health Group WPATH

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Content Notice: This article contains graphic descriptions of genital mutilation which may not be considered safe for work. Reader discretion is appreciated.

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) cited a castration forum in their most recent standards of care, which hosts child sexual exploitation fantasies and videos of “gender affirming” surgeries used as pornography. One of the members of the forum, known only as “Gelding,” performed clandestine genital surgeries for sexual pleasure.

As previously revealed by Reduxx, WPATH, which creates medical guidelines for the ‘transitioning’ of children, previously collaborated with academics involved in a castration fetish forum known as the Eunuch Archive. The online community hosts and produces sadomasochistic erotica featuring the castration, sexual torture, and rape of children.

Reduxx has also seen video footage of castration surgeries offered for sale through the community. Transgender lobby group WPATH linked directly to the site’s Fiction Archive in a 2021 release of their Standards of Care version 8, but had been working with academics representing the interests of forum members since as early as 2009. The video footage is often used by members for sexual gratification in the same manner as pornography.

Photo of “Gelding” circa 1997.

One notable member of the Eunuch Archive community had himself performed castrations for fetishistic reasons, while filming and circulating footage of the procedures as pornographic content.

According to an interview published in 2000 by the Miami New Times, Gelding, a former computer consultant for the U.S. Air Force and Vietnam war veteran, was motivated by his participation in sadomasochism (S&M) communities to perform genital surgeries free of charge, which led to him becoming a “legendary figure” in his circles, and a “den mother for the genitally obsessed.”

In the interview, Gelding said: “One of the reasons why I am doing this is to help other guys avoid the problems. In that respect it is humanitarian. In another respect, I will admit to a certain amount of sexual excitement from the whole idea.” He would also film the genital surgeries as pornographic content in order to fulfill a sexual fantasy.

Leading up to his sexual obsession with castration, Gelding produced “graphic sexual writing” for the gay BDSM magazine Drummer, which currently continues to operate online as a pornographic fetish site featuring fictional stories.

In a section of the site titled “Origins,” the publication describes itself as “the most successful of the American leather magazines and sold overseas. The publication had a major impact on spreading gay leather as a lifestyle and masculinity as a gay ideal.”

Gelding was himself castrated in 1994 after sharing drinks with a “leather couple” in San Francisco.

“They asked me to tell them about what I had gotten into, and I told them I liked butt play and also bondage and ball play. I volunteered information that I liked to tie up my own balls and even put hypodermic needles into them as I played with mental fantasies about castration,” he recalled in an explicit 1997 interview with Body Modification Ezine (BME), which contained photos of his genitals.

“These two both asked if I had frequent jerk off fantasies about castration. I admitted I did, that the whole idea somehow turned me on. One felt me up and found I was hard in my jeans. They invited me to come to their playroom with them, then handcuffed me and blindfolded me for the drive home.”

The men then gave Gelding amyl nitrate, known in slang as ‘poppers,’ and strapped him naked to a table before performing the procedure. After sewing the sutures, they engaged in intercourse while taunting him by calling him “a harem boy toy, a eunuch made for pleasuring males.”

Gelding told BME that following the illicit procedure, he was in “complete mental shock,” continuing: “I was mellow due to what drugs they had given me. I had experienced a realization of a deeply felt though publicly hidden and suppressed sexual fantasy. Feelings of loss fought with feelings of accomplishment.”

At the time of the Miami New Times interview published in 2000, Gelding claimed to have performed approximately 50 clandestine fetishistic surgeries, in addition to allegedly having “counseled” an estimated 4,000 men, acting as a liason between “cutters” and potential eunuchs. During this period, practicing medicine without a license was a third-degree felony in the state of Florida, punishable by up to five years in prison.

Describing regret in his role in castrating an unwilling man he refers to as an S&M slave at the behest of the slave’s master, Gelding said, “In this case it was the master’s idea, and he had set up the whole scene, the whole situation. He explained in a logical, plausible manner that it was the boy’s idea, that he wanted to make the ultimate sacrifice to bond their relationship.”

Gelding’s 1999 Geocities website.

While it is unclear how long Gelding was active in the community due to the use of private chat systems, his earliest posts in the Eunuch Archive’s public Usenet forum indicate he began offering to castrate men beginning in March 2000.

In January that year, one user called “GayandOK” addressed a message to Gelding asking if he could “help potential slaves” find a “master” via surgical removal of the penis.

“If you want to be castrated, perhaps I can help,” he replied. Gelding would also respond to another man soon after inquiring as to whether anyone in the group was “serious” about going forward with the procedures.

“It’s a matter of getting candidate and cutter together at the planned moment. It’s often quite difficult to arrange this. Once castrated, males are often suddenly reluctant to discuss their castration. I’ve done many and found this to be generally true. One exception of my eunuchs is the one nullo in Michigan,” Gelding remarked.

The following year, a participant called Kerry Max Cook of Plano, Texas, wrote, “I am seeking castration. I am non-fantasy-oriented and ask that only serious cutters reply. I have autographed my sac so that it can be kept as a ‘trophy.’ Please, only a serious cutter reply. I have tried to do it myself twice but it
has only ended up with me having to go to the hospital. If it were humanly possible I would like a full penectomy, but I realize that requires an experienced cutter.”

Another individual replied with Gelding’s contact information, and suggested that “he is what you are looking for… he is a very experienced cutter, and is also a eunuch.”

Last year, Reduxx unmasked another member of the Eunuch Archive community as a sadistic pedophile who had performed a makeshift “gender reassignment surgery” on a young man and claimed to have conducted over 100 similar procedures. Jack Wayne Rogers is currently incarcerated at the Federal Corrections Institute in Miami after investigators discovered child pornography on his devices that included sadistic abuse of prepubescent children.

Rogers was found to have been sharing, via e-mail attachments, materials “showing male children engaged in sexually explicit content, including photographs of children chained and bound by ropes,” according to court records. But upon further examination, investigators discovered numerous additional photographs of Rogers “posing with severed male genitals, wearing them on his head, placing them in his mouth and apparently chewing them, placing them in a coffee cup or on a plate, and attaching severed penises together.”

But while Gelding and Rogers were among the men in the forum conducting illegal surgeries, many participants had historically recommended a doctor in Philadelphia willing to perform the fetishistic surgeries. Dr. Felix Spector, now deceased, had advertised his services on his website, where he stated that he specialized in “the treatment of the transgendered and those with overactive sex drive,” and boasted of decades of experience working with “the transgendered and those in need of libido control.”

Some Eunuch Archive members estimated the total number of such surgeries as between 4,000 to 5,000. According to a 2008 obituary for Dr. Spector, 40-50% of his practice consisted of “voluntary eunuchs.”

“Although a number of men who have been castrated talk about achieving a “eunuch calm”—a state of pleasant enjoyment of the world, undistracted by aggressive tendencies and sexual urges—the outcomes of castration were another cause of controversy,” reads the obituary.

“A few of the men went on to commit murders, some were depressed, and others didn’t necessarily end up with the sought-after lessening or termination of sexuality they desired; medical reviews showed that some eunuchs continued to have full erections and considerable sexual interests long after castration.”

One man who was castrated by Dr. Spector has since gone on to become a psychiatrist and registered member of WPATH.

Dr. Jame Agapoff.

Dr. James ‘Jame’ Agapoff said, in a video he published to YouTube, that as an adolescent, aged “less than fifteen,” when he began participating in the Eunuch Archive forum. Through the website, Agapoff initiated an email correspondence with Spector, who wrote him a prescription for Medroxyprogesterone, and stated that he believed Agapoff would be a “good candidate” for a castration procedure in the future.

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