MUST SEE: Bridge Crash Video Sped Up To 8x Shows A Very Different Picture

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Once again, I’m not here to make accusations or go looking for “conspiracies”….

I’m simply investigating and reporting what I find.

Earlier I had this report:

FACT-CHECK: The Captain of the Baltimore Cargo Ship Is Ukrainian?

Now I have to show you something else about the horrific crash of the Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore....

What exactly happened here?

Did the ship just lose power?

Well, yes it appears to have lost power.  Twice.

But did that cause it to float off course?

I don't know, I'm not a ship captain, but I do know that what I see in the video below is a ship that seems "aimed" directly at that bridge pier.

Someone sped up the video to 8x speed and it really shows the whole thing in a different light.

Take a look:

Anyone out there with experience with ships like this?

Is this a normal kind of turn to make?

Does this look like a boat in control or out of control?

Intentional or unintentional?

I want to be clear once again I am not suggesting anyone on board did anything wrong.

Perhaps NO ONE did anything wrong.

But the video clearly shows the power flash off twice before the ship suddenly makes a huge turn and barrels head first into that bridge pier.

So...was the ship hacked?

Cyber event?

Backup video here:

I want to hear from anyone who has experience about this.

Drop a comment below.

What are we watching here?

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