CANADA: 6’2″ Trans-Identified Male Accused of Exposing Himself To Girls In Pool Changing Room Edited His Own Photos To Make Himself Look Like A Minor

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A trans-identified male residing in Vernon, British Columbia, has been given sympathetic coverage by the press after two teenage girls reported that he had exposed his genitals in their presence while using the women’s change room of a local recreation center. Amanda Wilson, 67, whose given name has not been reported, was accused of stripping nude in the presence of two 14 year-old girls at the Vernon Aquatic Center on January 27.

The girls quickly told their relatives, and the uncle of one of the girls called the pool’s manager to complain.

“My niece had a 50-year-old man come into the change room, strip naked in front of her and her friend, she’s 14, and put on a woman’s bathing suit and go out,” the uncle, identified only as Kevin in order to protect the minors involved, said.

‘Amanda Wilson,’ 2017. Source: Facebook

“He basically said that the kids have no rights and that the transgender person’s rights take precedence, this is something I think parents should know,” Kevin told local outlet Castanet in an article published on February 2.

“I was told by the pool manager that there was nothing he could do unless the person was ‘leering or making overt sexual gestures toward the girls’ but this guy was naked in front of teenage girls and that’s just not right,” he added.

Wilson, who stands at 6’2″ and weighs 300 pounds, has now been given a sympathetic platform in the media to share his side of the story. Writing to the Castanet in a letter published on February 15, the Canadian Armed Forces veteran has claimed that the girls could not have been exposed to male genitalia because, he says, he has “female sex organs” in place of his penis.

“I had surgery 13 years ago. It appears the two 14-year-old girls (who reported seeing me) never actually saw me completely naked,” Wilson wrote, accusing his critics of discrimination.

“The girls told their uncle I had male sex organs but I have female sex organs, at least on the outside. I am very masculine looking and as a result, I believe they assumed I had male sex organs. I do not. As well, I have some breast growth. I am legally female,” he added.

“Are we as a society going to start discriminating against people based on what they look like? If that is the case, what is next, banning people of different races?… Some believe I could use a separate changing room. That is true. But should we also force people of other races to use separate change rooms?”

“It makes me feel like a second-class woman,” Wilson said in a separate interview. “The fact that I’m trans overrides all the other good things that I’ve done.”

Reduxx has discovered a Facebook account belonging to Wilson, where he has posted disturbing images of what appears to be his own face edited to resemble that of a very young girl.

Last May, after Wilson updated his profile picture to an image of a young blonde girl, some of his friends took notice and told him the behavior was “creepy.”

Wilson’s heavily edited photo alongside some of the comments he made in response to critics. REDUXX.INFO

“That’s creepy because you don’t look like this at all. You are much older,” said one of Wilson’s Facebook commenters. Another remarked, “It is kind of creepy for sure. No offense, my friend.”

Wilson took the criticism in stride, saying: “Isn’t it interesting what you can do with computer software?” and adding: “You should see what I can do with other people.”

Responses to an earlier altered photo shared by Wilson in November 2022 were similarly critical.

“Why post a pic that doesn’t look like you at all?” asked one woman.

Wilson replied: “This is what I would have looked like if God had not made a mistake.” When the same commenter stated that “God didn’t make a mistake,” Wilson said, “How do you explain why so many people in this world are transgender. According to the church, there are only two genders. But my brain, my self, is female and my body was female. Something went wrong.”

For years, Wilson has repeatedly posted strong opposition to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, including one image which depicted him as Hitler.

“Hate is a strong word. There is only one person in Canada that I truly hate and that is Justin Trudeau,” Wilson posted in April of last year.

“There is an endangered species in Canada that is about to be exterminated,” Wilson wrote in July 2023. “They call it the Liberal Party.”

He has also, on several occasions, claimed to be a victim of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of his father.

“Spanking a child using your hand on their clothed rear is one thing, but when you use a leather belt or a piece of wood on their bare skin and leave welts, bruises, and cuts, that is another thing. Too many children are the victims of adults who seem to think that it is okay to brutalize a child,” wrote Wilson on January 1. Curiously, Wilson follows an independent maker of custom whips on Facebook which “ships worldwide.”

On the same day, Wilson stated he was “still suffering from the abuse” he received in his childhood.

“Madagascar law allows the castration of child rapists,” Wilson posted to Facebook on February 12, just three days before his letter to Castanet was published, wherein he claimed to have had his male genitalia removed.

Wilson has also shared reports of sexual crimes committed by minors while calling for children to be tried and punished as adults.

“You have to love the Youth Criminal Justice Act,” Wilson said in April 2023. “A twelve-year-old boy is charged with two counts of sexual assault but because he is a child, his name is not published. On top of that, the most he will get is three years in a comfortable facility. If someone is capable of committing a crime, they should be judged as an adult.”

The incident involving Wilson’s nudity in the women’s change room has not been widely reported, but did spark some criticism. After Castanet spoke with Kevin, community member Anne Gunion wrote a letter to the outlet criticizing legislation which allows for a self-declared gender identity to be prioritized over biological sex. Bill C-16, which was added to the Canadian Human Rights Act in June 2017, enshrined the concept of gender identity as a protected characteristic under the law.

“Bill C-16 has given access for predators to enter zones that were previously safe for women,” wrote Gunion, whose comments were released by Castanet on February 8. “Why are the feelings of someone who identifies as another gender more important than the emotional and physical safety of women? Why do transgender rights take precedence?”

“My heart goes out to women who have a past of sexual abuse and sharing a change room with a male causes emotional harm,” she continued. “Why are the feelings of someone who identifies as another gender more important than a child’s safety? That is not equality. Women have fought long and hard for equality, and allowing biological men into our safe spaces is a step backwards for women’s rights.”

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