Chiefs WR Hardman Says He “Blacked Out”, Didn’t Know He Caught Winning Pass

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Mecole Hardman is the Chiefs Wide Receiver who caught the game winning pass, and I wouldn’t be covering this story except for this next fact: he says he blacked out and didn’t even know he caught the game winning pass.

Because that’s normal!

Listen to him here:

And here:

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Yahoo News had more details:

Mecole Hardman didn’t immediately know he had made the game-ending touchdown catch in the Super Bowl to give the Kansas City Chiefs their second straight championship.

No, it took a minute for the moment to hit the Chiefs wide receiver.

“I blacked out man,” Hardman said after making the catch. “I forgot we actually won the game.”

Chiefs quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes sprinted after him in the end zone and shared the good news.

“I threw a touchdown to this dude to end the game, and he looked at me,” Mahomes said. “He had no idea. I said, ‘Dude, we just won the Super Bowl.’ He had no idea. He didn’t even celebrate at the beginning.”

With the title in hand, the 25-yer-old Hardman said: “It’s time to celebrate now.”

Hardman, a former Georgia Bulldog, had three catches for 57 yards.

Big moment, maybe nothing to see here.  BUT it did remind me of another story, oddly enough one involving Taylor Swift.

Have you heard about this?

Many people attending her shows claim they suffer amnesia afterward — they don’t remember much of anything from the event!

Yes, it’s real and Yale is even studying the odd phenomenon:

Here’s more on the strange phenomenon:


The Taylor Swift Psyop, Mind Control & Social Engineering

Taylor Swift fans experiencing ‘post-concert amnesia’:

“Throughout the nationwide tour, many fans said they felt like they were left in a ‘lavender haze’ after Swift’s concert and had trouble remembering details of the eventful night, almost as if there was a ‘blank space’ where their memories of the show should be”—

And here:

It’s very real….here is ABC explaining the issue:

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has captivated millions of fans across the United States, consistently selling out stadiums and taking cities by storm, with the singer at the center of the spotlight on and off the stage.

Since the start of the tour in March, Swift fans, or Swifties, have shared friendship bracelets and connected online to share their concert experiences, but many said they were surprised to find something strange in common.

Throughout the nationwide tour, many fans said they felt like they were left in a “lavender haze” after Swift’s concert and had trouble remembering specific details of the eventful night, almost as if there was a “blank space” where their memories of the show should be.

“Thinking back on it, I don’t have any one specific memory I can recall, it’s more like an overall memory of the event,” Danielle Lake-Patterson Dickson, a concertgoer and Swiftie, told ABC News.

Dickson and other concertgoers described having “post-concert amnesia,” which is not an official medical term but described this reported experience, according to Dr. Leah Croll, a board-certified neurologist and assistant professor at Temple University.

“‘Post-concert amnesia’ isn’t a medical diagnosis,” Croll told ABC News. “It’s actually just a descriptor for what these fans are saying they’re experiencing.”

Now with Swift’s highly-anticipated concert film,”Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour,” hitting theaters Oct. 12, many fans are wondering if they will encounter the phenomenon again, or for the first time if they didn’t attend one of the singer’s concerts in person.

Experts say it’s possible, but less likely, and may actually help people who don’t remember details from the concert store more specific memories of her performance.

Look, I’m not saying there’s some massive conspiracy here, I’m just saying it’s interesting and very odd!

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