“Baby It’s Cold Outside” Gets Cancelled

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I had to flashback to this story because I was reminded of it while covering a lady from the Super Bowl last night.

Allow me to explain….

So I just got done covering this lady who was standing next to Taylor Swift all night yesterday at the Super Bowl and who many people on Twitter think performed some sort of Satanic Ritual:

Is This Taylor Swift’s Buddy Doing a Satanic Ritual?

And as bad as that is, what possibly even more appalling is her "music".






Ok, here it is....

This charming lady who wears the inverted cross and throws up Devil Horns on both hands and who seems to be "besties" with Taylor Swift, is also the same woman who performs this lovely song called, and I quote:  "You think you're the shit?  You're not even the Fart!"

I mean, it's hilarious on one level I guess.  I think 7th grade boys would laugh a lot.  But then it's most just gross.

The performance is even worse than the the title, watch at your own peril (final warning -- if you click the play button you have done it to yourself, DO NOT blame me and DO NOT send me your hate mail):

Backup here if needed:

Anyway, that whole song got me thinking back to a story we covered a couple years ago when the old song "Baby It's Cold Outside" got cancelled by Cancel Culture.

Oh the irony!

But thank goodness we have comedians.

I love comedy.

Good comedy.

But I do have to give a warning....

WARNING: very foul language ahead.

Why thought?

Why foul language?

Well, that's actually part of the comedy.

And part of the satire.

And part of the social commentary.

So here's the deal....

This comedian who is apparently named Tom Cotter, did a bit about the Woke Virus and Woke Censorship.

As comedy always does, he cut right to the truth.

He pointed out how "Baby It's Cold Outside" got banned due to Woke Culture, but "WAP" was the top song played every 10 minutes on the radio.

What is WAP?

Well....that's where the graphic warning comes in.

WAP stands for Wet Ass Pussy, and it was blasted all over the radio waves last year.

But "Baby It's Cold Outside" was too offensive.

Man, I love what Tom Cotter did with this, he perfectly and HILARIOUSLY proved the insanity.

Watch here:

And for the full clip watch here on Rumble:

Was I right?

One of the best 2 minute bits I've ever seen!

Well done sir!

Liberalism Truly Is A Mental Disorder!

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