WATCH: Trump Campaign Drops HILARIOUS Spin on Nikki Haley’s Anti-Trump ‘Chicken’ Ad

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A few days ago, Nikki Haley’s top Super PAC released a pro-Haley campaign video calling President Trump a “chicken” for refusing to debate her.

But now, it’s backfired on her in a major way…

Just today, Trump’s campaign dropped what is perhaps their funniest campaign video to date.

In response to Haley’s anti-Trump ‘chicken ad’, the Trump campaign made their own, putting a spin on things…

And, it’s simply HILARIOUS!

Watch Trump’s latest campaign video for yourself here:

And, for reference, here’s Nikki Haley’s original campaign video, attacking Trump for being a ‘chicken’:

CBS News originally reported on Haley’s anti-Trump ‘Chicken’ ad:

The main super PAC supporting former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s presidential run is planning to run a new advertisement Wednesday during Fox News host Sean Hannity’s time slot calling Donald Trump “chicken” for not debating his last remaining major 2024 GOP rival.

The ad, first reported by CBS News, features a video of a chicken alongside messages needling Trump over his debate avoidance as he runs for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

“Too old and unfit?” the ad reads. “Or just unhinged and afraid? We don’t know.”

The spot continues, “But one thing we do know. Donald Trump is chicken.”

Daily Kos also wrote:

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley has no real path to winning her party’s nomination. She hasn’t won a single state, literally ran second to “none” in the Nevada primary, and is trailing Donald Trump by at least a couple dozen percentage points in recent polling of South Carolina, the next contest and her home state.

But unlike a normal primary cycle, Haley remains flush with cash from donors who are presumably plenty happy to watch her shred Trump, even if she has next-to-no chance of securing the nomination. The pure sport of it is exhilarating, no?

In that vein, Team Haley’s most recent ad is a delight, trolling Trump by likening him to a real live chicken.

What do you think?

Which ad is better?

We know for certain which is more honest…

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