NUMBERS ARE IN: Tucker Gets More Views Than SUPER BOWL!

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Tucker Carlson’s interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin broke the internet.

After over 48 hours, the interview has garnered well over 178 million views as of Saturday morning.

Take a look:

In comparison, the Super Bowl only garners around 115 million:

Filmmaker Mike Cernovich worded the world’s eagerness to watch Tucker’s interview with Putin perfectly.

Cernovich stated, “This is what it must have felt like in the radio era. Everyone stopped life, sat down to listen. The world’s attention is on one subject.”

Some Russians are calling for February 9th to be called Tucker Carlson Day.

Per Wired:

Russians have reacted ecstatically online to the two-hour interview between former Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson and Russian president Vladimir Putin, hailing it as a historic, internet-breaking moment that will change the world. Many are now even calling the former Fox News presenter a national hero: Some have called for February 9 to be renamed as “Tucker Carlson Day,” while others posted pictures of Carlson wearing a Russian ushanka hat and claimed Carlson wore a tie during the interview bearing colors that closely resemble the colors and pattern of Saint George’s ribbon, a Russian military symbol.

The much-hyped interview ran for more than two hours on Tucker Carlson’s new streaming platform and X, and saw Putin spending a huge amount of time laying out a revisionist history of Russia and the Ukraine in a bid to justify Russia’s invasion. Carlson spent most of the interview listening, and rarely interjected to question Putin’s narrative. He also failed to push the Russian leader on his country’s widely reported war crimes in Ukraine.

The interview marks Carlson’s further embrace of the far-right and conspiracy world since departing Fox News last year, and comes on the back of Russia ratcheting up its interference operations ahead of the 2024 elections. This week, WIRED reported on a coordinated Russian disinformation campaign where state media, influencers, bots, and others claimed the Texas border crisis was pushing the US toward civil war. By providing Putin with direct access to millions in the US and around the world

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Not From me, PSYOP!!!

When ever a thing like this is pushed so hard before hand, you know it is there to distract you & steer you away from tge truth!