FLASHBACK: The DNC and Democrats Remove God From Pledge

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A reader emailed me today asking me if I still had footage of the DNC removing God from the Pledge.

I found it and I thought it was a good time to share this again with you…

Remind everyone who is getting ready to vote exactly what is on the table.

What a contrast we have in this election folks…

The choice has never been so clear.

On the left we have the Democrats, or what many of you have labeled them, the “DemonRats”.

The Dems are busy trying to remove God from our life, from our culture and from their guilty conscience.

They are by their own definition “anti-God”.

Watch as they omit “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance just this week:

They did it back in 2012 too, so it’s not something new.

In contrast, we have President Trump who called them out for it and said it was by no means an accident.

And then he took it one step further by sending out a beautiful and simple message:


The video he links to is incredibly powerful and one you need to watch.

It’s only 4 minutes.

Please watch and share with your family and friends on this Sunday:

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