Watchdog Finds THOUSANDS Of Illegals And Non-Citizens On U.S. Voter Rolls

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According to J. Christian Adams, president of the watchdog group Public Interest Legal Foundation, there are tens of thousands of people registered to vote who are non-citizens or even outright illegals across the country.

Adams pointed to reviews of voting rolls in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Maricopa County, Arizona, and Georgia find that there is a huge number of improperly registered voters on the rolls.

“Pennsylvania has been covering up for years, the tens of thousands of aliens who got on the voter rolls there for 20 years,” Adams said, according to Just the News. He added that acting Pennsylvania Secretary of State Al Schmidt “knows the truth and won’t tell it.”

The news site added:

In 2017, Schmidt, a Republican who was a Philadelphia city commissioner at the time, told a Pennsylvania Senate committee that there were over 100,000 matches of voter registration records to state driver’s license numbers with Immigration and Naturalization Service indicators.

The matches don’t mean that all of those people were registered to vote, but Schmidt argued: “We’re not talking about an insignificant number here. We’re talking about a potentially very significant number of thousands and tens of thousands.”

The Pennsylvania Department of State announced in September 2017 that records indicated 1,160 non-citizens had since 1972 requested their voter registrations be canceled.

Adams said the “vast majority” of non-citizens “are motor voter registrations” – referring to the 1993 National Voter Registration Act that made it easier for people applying for a driver’s license to also register to vote.

“I’ve just got stacks of voter registration forms. People will actually say, ‘no, I’m not a U.S. citizen.’ They still get on the voter rolls,” Adams said.

Adams and his organization is working tirelessly to get states to look through their voter rolls to clean them out of illicit voters on the rolls and has succeeded with a few states.

But more states than have done so need to obey federal law by clearing their voter rolls of inactive, dead, and illegal voter registrations.


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1 year ago

all the inviders from the south border will be registered voters by the dems.

Jane Hill
Jane Hill
1 year ago
Reply to  Chris

We are Disgusted w/ Democrat voter crime…

Jane Hill
Jane Hill
1 year ago

A sensible American Citizen KNEW this..

1 year ago

Does this really surprise anyone. This is why democrats are always saying that there is no evidence of illegal votes. Because they are registering illegal aliens to vote. The real interesting thing is that everyone knows it’s illegal, yet no one is being prosecuted for it being allowed to happen. In fact they are doing the opposite. They are trying to hide the fact that it’s happening. This is how you get people like Fetterman, and Biden elected.