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WATCH: RFK JR. Says CIA Were “Definitely Involved In The Murder” Of JFK And Are Concealing Evidence

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According to Robert F. Kennedy Junior, a current challenger to Joe Biden in 2024, the CIA was unquestionably “involved in the murder” of his uncle John F. Kennedy and the ensuing “60-year cover-up.”

Do you think they (the CIA) were involved in your uncle’s death, Kennedy was questioned in a recent interview.

They were definitely involved in the murder and the 60-year cover-up, he said in response. He said, “They’re still not releasing, you know the papers that legally they have to release.”

RFK Jr. also noted that his father Bobby Kennedy’s belief about assassination was that the CIA was responsible, noting that President Kenndy’s brother even called Langley and asked “did your people do this?”


Full video below:

During his campaign announcement last month, RFK Jr. spoke about his uncle vowing to “take the CIA and shatter it into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the wind” after the disastrous Bay of Pigs incident.

RFK Jr. emphasized that JFK had concluded before he was assassinated that “the function of the intelligence agencies had become to provide the military industrial complex with a constant pipeline of war.”

Kennedy Jr. promised to “let loose” on those who have attempted to silence him for 18 years, asserting “This is what happens when you censor somebody for 18 years. I’ve got a lot to talk about.”

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