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WATCH: Investigative Reporter Says She Has Evidence Democrats Will Jail Trump BEFORE Trial

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A veteran reporter who has become an authority on the legal actions against protesters who demonstrated at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 predicts that Democrats will plan to indict President Donald Trump for the incidents that day and they will demand that he be imprisoned pending trial.

Julie Kelly, an investigative journalist who has repeatedly broken new ground on the incredibly harsh demands by Democrats to punish those who protested what they perceived as a fraudulent 2020 election that day, offers the startling warning.

The Gateway Pundit reported Kelly joined Jesse Kelly on a podcast and explained bluntly what she believes Democrats are trying to orchestrate.

Her conclusions come after a Washington “kangaroo court” convicted members of the Proud Boys organization on counts of “seditious conspiracy.”

The report described those convictions as a “complete joke,” but Kelly explained it foreshadows a conspiracy that is being worked on to attack Trump.

Jesse Kelly said, “They wouldn’t actually put Donald Trump in prison, right? A former president, you don’t think they’ll go that far, right?”

She said, “I absolutely do. And I’ll go even deeper between the eyes, Jesse, when he is indicted for if he’s indicted, of suspicious conspiracy, which I think the chances of that just increase tremendously. Today, I can see [prosecutor] Jack Smith seeking pretrial detention for Donald Trump, which is exactly what they’ve done in every defendant who’s been charged with seditious conspiracy. So now they have a precedent for these courts to sign off on pretrial detention orders, meaning denied bail. You will be held in prison until your trial commences. I’ve watched these judges and prosecutors more than anyone on this side, but nothing will surprise me. And in fact, I’m sure they’re just chomping at the bit right now, waiting to present this information to the grand jury, seeking seditious, conspiracy, indictment, and then, shockingly, seeking to keep Donald Trump in jail, particularly as he is campaigning for president, pretending that he poses a grave security risk to the American people as he’s campaigning and facing these very serious charges.”

Democrats repeatedly have made the claim which appears to have no foundation other than they dislike him that President Trump is a danger to democracy. Members of the leftist party repeatedly have made that charge but have failed to provide support for their opinion – other than he disagrees with what they want.



There were additional videos of Kelly being interviewed by Mark Levin and Charlie Kirk posted at Citizen Free Press.




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1 year ago

Well, if these Liberal Judges & Assorted Criminals from the DOJ do this, then they will be causing a REVOLUTION the likes of which this Country has never seen and Probably never will again, that is should Our Fragile Country survive…….We are right now on the precipice of Oblivion due to the Un-Constitutional & Dangerous actions of the Biden so-called Administration by their WEAPONIZATION of Govt. Entities in order to fulfill their Vile, Evil Policies & Agenda which goes against OUR LAWS which are a Slap to the Face of The Legal CITIZENRY & a SPIT ON “LADY JUSTICE”….MAY God Bless us and our Beloved Country & protect us from this Tyranny that has beset our America!

1 year ago

If they jail Trump they might as well start the 2nd civil war. Because they will martyr Trump by doing that. People already feel the DOJ and FBI are nothing but Gestapo enforcers for the Democratic Socialists Party. Nobody is buying what the DOJ is selling. Their word isn’t worth spit.

1 year ago

How corrupt can these people become? They are so full of projecting their evil on good people that they are the ones destroying our great country! Enough is enough

1 year ago

I would like to say that this is totally ridiculous and never happen but with all that is going on right now I can’t say that. Laws are being broken on a daily basis in unprecedented numbers and nothing is being done.