WATCH: The View Hosts Desperately Scramble To Frame Hispanic Mass Shooter As A White Supremacist — ‘Hispanics And Blacks Can Be White Supremacists Too!’

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Ana Navarro, while discussing the recent mass shooting that took place at a Dallas mall, sparked a debate on “The View” when she asserted that a person’s race does not preclude them from supporting white supremacy, even if they are Hispanic or Black.

According to law enforcement sources, 33-year-old Mauricio Garcia is the suspected shooter in the deadly attack that left eight dead and several others injured. Anonymous law enforcement sources claim that Garcia may have been motivated by white supremacist ideology, citing extremist social media posts and a patch on his chest that read “RWDS.”

While Navarro’s co-hosts were surprised by the suggestion, she insisted that the shooter’s Hispanic background should not preclude him from holding white supremacist beliefs. Other progressive personalities have made similar claims in the past, including Jemele Hill and Bree Newsome Bass, who argued that Black police officers can be motivated by white supremacist ideology.

“We all have to remember that the head of the Proud Boys. His name is Enrique Tarrio. The Proud Boys is a White Nationalist group. Look, being Hispanic or being Black does not, or being anything does not make you immune from being racist, from being radicalized, from being a White supremacist, from being evil, from being homicidal. And we are seeing it over and over again. There are people who, they don’t see themselves as what they are,” Navarro said.

Though Sunny Hostin remarked that the allegation was “bizarre” to her, she also hyped up the alleged threat of “white supremacy” to democracy.

“But this shooter who happened to be Hispanic and Latino, which is bizarre to me, had a White supremacy moniker on him. So Christopher Wray, these are not my words, so people don’t start with the ‘I’m a race baiter crap.’ Christopher Wray said that the biggest threat to our democracy is White supremacy and domestic terrorism. He testified before Congress,” Hostin said.

“Even with that testimony, you have someone named Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, where there have been so many shootings saying mental health and there’s nothing else that we can do, but we can do this piece. Republicans should be ashamed of themselves,: she added. “They have the power to make the change. Get rid of the AR-15s.”

The ABC talk show has been criticized in the past for issues related to race, including controversial comments made by hosts Sunny Hostin and Whoopi Goldberg.

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1 year ago

Lefty women are ALWAYS Dumb As a Box of Rocks, No exceptions!!! Amen

1 year ago

Everyone then should be a white supremacist. This solves the racial problem immediately. It also results in cultural cohesion and ends the dysfunction of our society.

1 year ago

More like an FBI conditioned Manchurian supremacist. They will keep the shootings coming until they get what they want.