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UK Minister Seeking To JAIL Elon Musk And Social Media Executives Who Don’t Censor Speech

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It was announced by Britain’s Technology and Science Secretary that there are plans to put social media executives in jail if they fail to censor content that is considered to be “harmful” on their websites.

The government of the United Kingdom will, of course, decide what kinds of things are considered to be too dangerous for its citizens to view or hear.

Under the UK’s Online Safety Bill, which is an extreme piece of censorship legislation that would effectively make it illegal for private internet users to use end-to-end encryption, Michelle Donelan is pushing for speech arrests.

Activist Post reports: The bill uses Britain’s broadcasting regulator Ofcom to censor “all forms of expression which spread, incite, promote or justify hatred” based on various progressive characteristics, including transgenderism.

So the government can censor anyone who it views as promoting or justifying hatred against virtually any group. Those who do not censor can now be rounded up by Donelan and her minions.

According to a report by The Telegraph, companies will also face fines of up to 10 per cent of their global revenue should they dare to ignore Britain’s demands to preemptively delete or obscure posts violating its coming censorship regime.

The decline of free speech in the United Kingdom has long been a concern for free-speech advocates.

A man was convicted for sending a tweet while drunk referring to dead soldiers.

Another was arrested for an anti-police t-shirt.

Another was arrested for calling the Irish boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend a “leprechaun.”

Yet another was arrested for singing “Kung Fu Fighting.”

A teenager was arrested for protesting outside of a Scientology center with a sign calling the religion a “cult.”

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1 year ago

????the britlanders!
Nothin but little wankers, we can wipe them out with just 1 states militia!!!

1 year ago

F the britts

1 year ago

Of course they want to censor speech. Because they can’t argue any point so the best thing is to not allow speech you disagree with. They call it disinformation or misinformation but in reality it just is a disagreement with them.